“Why All West Ham Fans Need To Be Patient This Season”

“Why All West Ham Fans Need To Be Patient This Season”
Sep 13, 2016

West Ham

It has been a disappointing week for most hammers fans, but we need to be patient with what this season has the potential to be.

Yes, I agree that the way the stadium has been run so far has been nothing short of ‘disastrous’, from stewarding issues to overpriced food, but we must remember that none of these things are dealt with by either of the chairmen, or for that matter Karren Brady.

If you take a second to soak in the atmosphere at the beginning of a game, you will realise the potential we have as a fan base to make the London Stadium a ‘fortress’ so to speak. Let me give you an example, Dimitri Payet.

He is the best player I have ever seen wear a West Ham shirt, and the things he does on a football pitch always ceases to amaze me, and every time I find myself saying the same thing, “surely that’s all he has left in his locker?”. After his rabona cross against Watford, the lift he gave the crowd and the buzz I felt from it was just as good, if not better than ones I have experienced from Upton Park.

My point is, we as fans have the potential to create something special, something that no other team has, something no other fan base will ever have.

However, to create these moments and make our own history, we must be patient, not just with the players, or the manager, but the club as a whole.

I see a lot of hate and negativity towards the board in general, but we must realise that this is a transition. Yes, they could have dealt with certain aspects better, and there are many things that need tweaking, but give it time.

Let’s remember, we are still little old West Ham! It takes time to progress, and with the new signings and the ambition we are showing, I really do feel as if we should focus on the positives rather than pick out every little negative there is.

What fan from the 2010-11 season would have ever thought we would be signing players like Payet and Lanzini? The club have done a tremendous job, and the work they do behind the scenes does not get as much credit as it should.

If you strongly disagree with me, then fair enough, it’s your opinion, but I really do urge those with doubts to be patient and give the transition time to take effect.

Just wait until we have a London derby against Tottenham under the lights, then the magical moments will happen!

Frankie Levin (@FrankWHUFC)

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