Why West Ham Are Better Off Without Dimitri Payet

Why West Ham Are Better Off Without Dimitri Payet
Jan 15, 2017

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Days after Slaven Bilic announced that Dimitri Payet has no intention of staying at West Ham, and that the Frenchman had refused to play for the club, West Ham seemed a better outfit, ending comfortable winners in a 3-0 win against Crystal Palace.

It’s the first time the Hammers have won by a margin larger than 1-0 at home this season, with Lanzini, Feghouli, and Antonio all playing a crucial role in ending such a run.

The news emerged that Dimitri Payet was refusing to play for West Ham and was trying to force a move, but Saturday has shown that they are better off without him. For Slaven Bilic to publicly out such a valuable player was a very, very bold move, but proved very effective and for that myself and most Hammers fans applaud him.

‘Super Slav’ rang around the London Stadium as we displayed how strong we feel about the manager, and I definitely believe he is the man to take us forward in the years to come. I have always believed in the fact that no one is bigger than the club, and although he was our most valuable player, no one deserves to put on a claret and blue shirt with such a negative attitude towards the club.

With Payet now very much out of the equation, it is time for players such as Lanzini to step forward, and a sublime chip in an emphatic win is definitely the way to do it. For most of us Hammers fans, all we ask for when a player steps onto the pitch is that they give 100% and play for the badge, such commitment that Payet has not shown for the past few months and this may be a blessing in disguise. West Ham showed a real togetherness on Saturday, with Andy Carroll being the prime example of this. He gave it his all, and was rewarded with arguably one of the goals of the season so far.

What I would do with Payet? Let him rot in the reserves. I don’t care how good he thinks he is, we do not have to sell, but in the current day and age, keeping a player on such a high wage that you are not using is ludicrous. Without us, Payet would not even be known by half of the world. We gave him a platform to show his ability, to surprise us, to enlighten us. But he has ruined his reputation and after everything us fans gave him, I feel disgusted by his actions. I supported West Ham before he came along, and I will most certainly support him once he’s out the picture.

I have lost all respect for a player that I looked up to for the best part of a year, and I cannot tell you how gutted I am for this to happen the way it has done. However, I have a duty to stand by my team when the going gets tough, and that is exactly what I will do.

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