Why Selling Ighalo Could Be A Blessing In Disguise For Watford

Why Selling Ighalo Could Be A Blessing In Disguise For Watford
Apr 12, 2016

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If you said to me four months ago that Watford should sell or think about selling Ighalo in the summer, I would’ve looked at you like you had two heads. The Nigerian is Watford’s top scorer this season with 15 goals in all competitions, 14 of them coming in the league. However, since the turn of the year, Ighalo has only managed to find the net once and his performances as of late have been severely under par, It is honestly like playing with 10 players on the pitch if he’s not on form and that is alarming when Watford as a team haven’t been their usual selves in the league.

Our biggest weapon is obviously the partnership between Deeney and Ighalo but it’s also our biggest flaw and here’s why; The first 5/6 months in the league it was going great with the link up play between the two, teams not knowing how to deal with Deeney’s strength and Ighalo’s determination and pace, Liverpool got the best Watford you will likely to see when they came to the Vic and went home on the back of a three-nil thumping with Ighalo giving Sakho the biggest headache he’s ever had. However, since January, Watford have been somewhat found out, with teams opting to play three at the back or just man marking Ighalo out of the game. With Deeney and Ighalo both playing, it doesn’t allow us to play with out and out wingers and that makes us so predictable and very annoying at times. We have to stick to a certain structure and the problem with that is, players get played out of position and we lack quality in the final third.

I have full confidence in QSF on turning us into a 433 or 4231 next season with Deeney being the only striker with Amrabat and Penaranda on the wings. Maybe even Jordon Ibe if Watford maintains their interest in the young winger. It’s clear to see that Watford lacks pace and width in their team, It’s all well and good having wingers in the squad but when only one of them are good enough to start, It make’s it difficult to drop either Deeney or Ighalo for whomever Flores deems good enough.

Why sell Ighalo and not Deeney? Ighalo is a goalscorer and nothing more, that’s not being disrespectful to him but Deeney is the complete player for me. He’s a very intelligent striker, can pass, hold up the ball, beat players, can do the lot. With Troy being the main striker with quick wingers around him, I’m confident we’d be a much better team and not only would we score more, we’d win more games. Not only that but it will bring some unpredictability to the team and make us more convincing in the final third because sometimes this season it felt like we couldn’t hit a barn door.

Hopefully, next season Flores addresses this situation and we can reach the potential our team holds. Honestly, I would rather Ighalo stayed with us so he can improve his game so that he, like us, can reach new heights but if an offer came in around £18M+ it would be hard to refuse. Who would you like to see come in IF Ighalo leaves? I personally would like Zaza from Juventus or Borja Baston from Atletico Madrid (currently on loan at Eibar)

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