What went wrong for Jurado at Watford?

What went wrong for Jurado at Watford?
Jul 9, 2016

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José Manuel Jurado is an extremely talented player, there is no denying that. His departure seemed a welcome one for the majority of Watford fans, but understandably also left some upset. He showed his flair plenty of times, most notably his nutmeg on Kolo Toure, but his end product was never there. He provided one assist and no goals throughout the season, and this was from a corner during the FA Cup semi-final which certainly isn’t good enough for a winger.

Quique Sánchez Flores brought the Spaniard to Watford during the summer before their return to the Premier League after working with him at Atlético Madrid. This move seemed like a good one at the time, with the two Spaniards working with each other in the past you would’ve thought that Quique would play him in his preferred position of centre attacking midfield, instead he would insist on playing him on the wing. It was clear that this position didn’t suit Jurado, with many criticising his pace which is essential for any winger. Being played out of position definitely didn’t help Jurado’s case as he certainly looked out of depth which affected his performances during his time at Vicarage Road.

Jurado brought some much-needed flair to the Watford side. His skill on the ball was his best asset, and he was probably the most skilful person in the squad. He often flaunted his quick feet and silky skills down the wings, but it seemed as though every time he did this the attack would lead to nothing due to a misplaced pass or an ambitious shot. This frustrated everyone watching him play because it was so obvious he had the talent needed to succeed in the Premier League, all they wanted him to do was play some useful passes rather than passing it to the oppositions defenders or cutting back and passing it to one of Watford’s defenders.

I touched on it in the previous paragraph, but his tendency to cut back when he was breaking forward was incredibly hard to watch. On the counter attack, Deeney and Ighalo racing forward with Jurado running down the flank with the ball, all he would need to do is slot it into either striker and Watford would have an incredibly good chance at scoring. Instead, though, Jurado would run it to the edge of the box, cut back and pass it to one of our defensive midfielders. Of course, this was incredibly annoying, and even Troy would express his detest of this by throwing his hands in the air and shouting.

After weeks of watching Jurado doing this, Watford fans would express their dissatisfaction at his inclusion in the starting 11 every week, many calling for outcast Steven Berghuis to be given a chance in the team. Many called for his exile after each match, and these fans got their wish when Jurado decided to link up with Quique once more at Espanyol. Lots of Watford fans will be left feeling happy that they no longer have to put up with Jurado’s misplaced passes, whilst others will be left wondering why he didn’t work out when he seemed such a perfect fit.

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