My Interview With Ex-Hornet Nick Wright: “I still miss football every day”

My Interview With Ex-Hornet Nick Wright: “I still miss football every day”
Feb 29, 2016


Nick, you scored six goals from your time at Watford, one obviously stood out from the others. How did your career change after ‘that’ goal at Wembley? (Referring to his overhead kick against Bolton)

Unfortunately, it didn’t really have an opportunity to change. I was carrying a groin injury at the start of the Premier season which resulted in an operation. It was during my comeback from that injury that I injured my knee which ultimately ended my career. It was incredibly disappointing not to be able to test myself in the Premier league. I wasn’t fully fit for the few games I did play due to my groin.


 Nick Wright overhead kick

Did you feel like the injury that cut your career short was unfair? After putting in a brilliant performance to get Watford back into the Premier League and only playing 41 games for the Hornets?

No not unfair, just incredibly disappointing. Due to the pace and physical demands of the professional game serious injuries are relatively frequent. Unfortunately, I picked up a career ending injury very early in my career.



Was it hard going back to a ‘normal’ life after the injury?

It was very hard to adapt to a ‘normal’ life. From being a young boy, all I’d ever wanted to do was become a footballer. I loved every minute of it, so it’s extremely difficult. I still miss football every day.



Do you have the same love and passion for the game now from when you were playing?

I still do and always will love football. It’s different when you’re playing, though. Nothing can replace the adrenaline and emotions that you experience playing football



Have the Pozzo family surprised you with how well they have done since taking over the club?

I do not know enough about the Pozzo family to comment. The progress has been excellent, though. Watford used the loan system effectively to help gain promotion and have equipped themselves very well in the Premier League.



What are you up to today? We have heard you a few times on commentary. What’s your next steps, management?

I head up a Learning & Development team at Dixons Carphone. I arrived in the mobile industry by accident and now I really enjoy it. It’s not football, though! I really enjoy the commentary.



Did you have a favourite player you played with or a player you would have loved to play with?

I enjoyed playing with Smarty (Allan Smart). We developed a good understanding of each other’s game when we were at Carlisle. I really enjoyed playing with Darren Bazeley too. I felt that we complimented each other down the right-hand side.


 Nick Wright and Allan Smart

Allan Smart (left) and Nick Wright (Right) celebrating a famous 3-0 win in the play-off final

Lastly, do you see Watford getting Europe in the next 5 years, or do you feel that Watford is moving too fast?

This year has been really refreshing for football, with Leicester City excelling and some of the ‘top’ clubs struggling. Watford has demonstrated their ability to compete at this level. Next year will be the biggest challenge. If we can keep the nucleus of the team and add to the squad with more goals from midfield, then Europe is certainly a possibility.

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