Jurado: The Key For Watford

Jurado: The Key For Watford
Mar 2, 2016

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Since the arrival of Jurado from Spartak Moscow in the summer, there was a lot of expectation from him given his CV and the fact he worked under Quique Sanchez Flores at Atletico Madrid meant that fans would think he would hit the ground running straight away. Now everyone knows that foreign players coming over to The Premier League will always need time to adapt but for some unknown reason, Watford fans got onto Jurado’s back straight away for not adapting to England as quickly as they liked him to.

Now for a player of Jurado’s talent, Who is probably the best in the squad in terms of ability, HAS to play in his best position to be most effective. Unfortunately because of the fact that Deeney and Ighalo HAVE to play together, It meant that Jurado had to play on either flank with defensive duties.

Fans seem to always pick up on that he doesn’t assist or score enough, Well, he probably would in a more free flowing Watford side. That’s nothing against Flores because he’s set us out every week to not be beaten which as a newly promoted club the aim is to always stay up in the first season and then re-evaluate in the second season. Jurado’s style isn’t to find that killer pass, It’s to play the pass that opens up an opportunity two passes onwards. Mentally he’s 2/3 steps ahead of everyone else in the team. His idea’s in the game are not always going to come off but would you rather have a player who wants to start an attack? or would you want a player who always plays it simple? In the Premier League, you need that risky player and we’ve got one in Jurado.

As the season has gone on, more and more people are starting to realise what the Spaniard brings to Vicarage Road, Which is class and calmness on the ball. Have you noticed how sloppy we are without him? We find it so difficult to link midfield to attack when he’s not on the pitch and it’s something we’re going to have to deal with because we haven’t dealt with it properly yet. He’s a big game player too, City and Chelsea at home, especially against both in the first half he was the best player on the pitch by a mile, Had Yaya Toure playing twister at one point.

Swansea away was when I get very annoyed at our fanbase, slating Jurado for trying to start things for our team. ‘He gives the ball away too much’. It could be down to the fact that the other player wasn’t on his wavelength because that’s what it looked like to me. It was clear to see he was our best player on the night and not one mention went to any other player who was extremely poor on the night.

Jurado is so key to us moving forward because and I say this without being disrespectful to some of the players. In a team with better players, Jurado would stand out. Attacking wise, Deeney is the only one with a good football brain, Ighalo who’s been very good for us this season, has very poor awareness and that can have a big impact on people’s perspective on Jurado. He reminds me of the Iniesta type player, won’t score or assist much but will assist the assisted. Will open up defences with an intricate 3-yard pass or will glide past a player then give and go to start off something else. I can’t for the life of me understand how Watford fans haven’t taken a warmth to him like I have. A classy little player that could easily play for a better club and we’re lucky to have him in our team.

Next season is when I think we’ll see the best out of Jurado, Better players will come to the club and he’ll be able to operate to the best of his ability. People will be looking at this and saying ‘Well why doesn’t he stand out now if he’s as good as you’re making him out to be?’. Well, when you’re not playing with a full deck it’s hard to look good.

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