Tottenham Boss Mauricio Pochettino Threatens To Headbutt Serge Aurier If He Repeats Paris Saint-Germain Antics

Tottenham Boss Mauricio Pochettino Threatens To Headbutt Serge Aurier If He Repeats Paris Saint-Germain Antics
Sep 8, 2017

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According to Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino, he has in-depth conversations with every player before they seal moves to White Hart Lane. Recent signing Serge Aurier has a history of disciplinary issues, and when Pochettino was asked about one particular incident involving the Ivorian, his reaction was priceless.

On a Periscope live stream in late 2015, Aurier made homophobic remarks about the then-Paris Saint-Germain player and manager Zlatan Ibrahimović and Laurent Blanc, respectively. Asked if he had spoken to the 24-year-old about the incident, Pochettino’s reply said more than enough. “I said to him, ‘I’d kill you’. I’d headbutt him.”

He then elaborated upon his comments, stating that the more he spoke to the former PSG right-back, the better he felt: “I always try to feel what the player translates to you when you have a conversation and you meet. It’s more important, the feeling that you get from people.”

“I had a long chat with him. And I explain how we are, how I am, what I expect from him. And the commitment from him. But not only from him, the same conversation that we have with all the players before signing.”

“We are so clear. And then, the confusion can arrive after. Because some people forget what we spoke, one year ago, like this. We are so clear and we try to not change in our position. And then, to be clear with them, when they need us to be clear.”

“With Serge Aurier, we were clear, and then if some issues happen in the future, we will see. But I trust in him and he needs to show we can trust, from today.”

The Argentine also added that Aurier should offer important title-winning experience in the Premier League and European challenge that awaits Tottenham: “Yes, it’s true, in a different country.”

“France is completely different, at Paris Saint-Germain, who are ahead of all of the clubs in France. But it’s true that he is a very good profile.”

“He’s so powerful. It’s true that a lot of things happened in his career, in the past, but I think it’s important to give the possibility to the player to change, to improve and to learn, it’s so important. His profile is very good for us.”

Aurier stated his desire to change when he joined Tottenham, but only the future will tell if he truly lives up to his words off the pitch.

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