Serge Aurier: “I Want To Show Tottenham Fans The Real Me”

Serge Aurier: “I Want To Show Tottenham Fans The Real Me”
Aug 31, 2017

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Serge Aurier is someone who hasn’t had a very smooth start to his relatively young career. So much has been the turbulence that he needed a work permit to play for Tottenham after having convicted with a suspended sentence last year. Aurier had assaulted a policeman outside of a bar. and the seriousness of the matter became evident when Aurier wasn’t allowed to enter England for PSG’s Champions League group match against Arsenal, last season.

Still only 24, that wasn’t the first time he attracted controversy. In a Periscope session h, had allegedly used a homophobic slur against the then club manager Laurent Blanc. In that same session, Aurier had also said that “Sirigu is done” when he was asked on who was better between Sirigu and Trapp.

But that was his past and he comes to England with a price tag and talent to justify. Anyone who has been following football for a while knows that not long ago Aurier was a hot Property. A right-back with natural talent, he has it all: pace, power, stamina and end product to thrive in the English game. What he needs now is a cool head and Pochettino could just be the man to make Aurier fulfil his potential.

After being unveiled as a Spurs player today, he released a statement that would encourage every Spurs fan and was also really candid about his past.

“This is a huge and exciting opportunity at a massive football club and I am determined to prove myself as a professional both on and off the pitch,” Aurier told the club website.

“This is a fresh start for me and I will do everything to make the Spurs fanbase, which is huge and diverse, proud of me.

“The fans are the most important people at any club and I am looking forward to showing them and everyone at Spurs the Real Serge Aurier”

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