Rodwell Sets New Premier League Record- For All The Wrong Reasons!

Rodwell Sets New Premier League Record- For All The Wrong Reasons!
Oct 29, 2016

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Jack Rodwell, a once promising young Englishmen at Everton was destined to reach great heights. When he achieved his move to Manchester City, Mancini was willing to play him however due to injuries, his career stalled. In his first season playing for the blues, Rodwell suffered three injuries within a month and a half; 1st September 2012, 25th September 2012 and then 12th October.  His abilities as a result have never reached the levels that pundits and players predicted he would go onto, whilst he was at Everton under Moyes. Now at Sunderland, he seems to be somewhat free of his injuries but lucks still isn’t on his side, resulting in a new record being set.

Today after starting for Sunderland against Arsenal in the 4-1 home defeat, Rodwell broke a previous premier league record, having not won a game in his last 33 premier league starts. The last game in he started and which yielded a victory came away to West Brom in May 2013. Three and a half years later, Rodwell must be a broken man mentally. Having been restricted playing time due to various injuries, now that he is free to play, he can’t manage to be part of a winning side.

Add into this equation that he’s playing for Sunderland, who are winless in their first 10 premier league games this season, it doesn’t look like his record will stop anytime soon. Rodwell though seems more upbeat than most about the clubs future in the league,

“We have a great manager here and we need to do it on the pitch. It’s the 11 players on the pitch who have to do it. We have gone a bit backwards, but we are the ones who can put it right. The manager will be bitterly disappointed and so are the players. But anyone can beat anyone this season if you put the hard work in.”

Thus its been an astonishing 1247 days since Rodwell last started a game in which his team won. I hope for his sake the run ends soon as that sort of record will be tough to beat. The player with the second worst record was Derby’s Darren Moore, who was part of that shambolic squad that amounted a record low 11 points, overtaking Sunderland’s previous tally of 15 ironically. Thus it seems that the black cats are in for another shocking season, with most predicting survival is too far out of reach this time around, especially with talisman Jermaine Defoe not firing on all cylinders. As a result, Rodwell’s run won’t seem to be ending soon unless another Derby County come around or another Sunderland player for that matter becomes part of this horrific, never ending cycle.


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