Why Ellis Short Is Wrong To Stick With David Moyes

Why Ellis Short Is Wrong To Stick With David Moyes
Mar 29, 2017

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This week, the news came in that David Moyes will keep his position whether he takes Sunderland down or not, leaving Sunderland fans like me, with their head in their hands.

When Sam Allardyce left to take over as England manager in the summer, David Moyes was my first choice. Having seen what he had done for Everton, I was confident that he could fix the issues we are currently seeing at Sunderland. How wrong was I?

It was clear after only Moyes’ second game in charge of the Black Cats that he was not the man to take us forward. This was when Moyes came out, openly admitting that the club would face another relegation battle. This, was a truly idiotic comment to make. The Scotsman had already sucked out the team’s confidence just 180 minutes into his tenure.

Throughout the season he has continued to criticise the recruitment and quality of the players. Let’s be fair, he has not had a massive budget to spend on top quality players, but knocking your own players does not help in the slightest. Again, Moyesey is the making of his own downfall.

Moyes’ lack of ideas is something else that is apparent. Every match, Sunderland fans watch the same failing tactic, the long ball to Billy Jones. When Victor Anichebe was in the team, the long ball worked perfectly as Anichebe, using his power and height, was able to take down the ball quite effectively. But when Anichebe got injured, Moyes put his belief in the much smaller and less powerful Billy Jones.

Don’t get me wrong, Billy Jones has a fantastic leap on him, but getting the ball from a right-back to the striker, as quick as a winger to a striker, is not possible and it suggests that Moyes doesn’t have a plan B.

Many Sunderland fans have questioned Moyes’ team selections, and it’s hard not to. When you pick out-of-form players like Fabio Borini and at times, Steven Pienaar over Wahbi Khazri, you know there’s a problem. Last season Khazri created, on average, 2 chances per game. It may not seem a lot but when you have Defoe up top all you need is 2 chances and he will score. In comparison to Fabio Borini’s 0.38 chances created per game, Khazri is miles ahead of him.

Personally, the most dubious thing about Moyes is his substitutions. When Allardyce was in charge, he wasn’t afraid to make subs for players who weren’t performing in early minutes. Moyes, on the other hand, waits till the 70th minute to bring on players like Donald Love. I’m all for playing youngsters but bringing on Donald Love to win a game will not, and does not work.

You’ve got to give Moyes some credit, though. He singlehandedly managed to mastermind the worst start in Premier League history, something that not many managers will be able to do.

The message I, and many other Sunderland fans would like to tell Ellis Short, would be to sell the club, but secondly to look elsewhere because Moyes is not the man to take the club forward. We need someone with fresh ideas who can motivate the team and David Moyes, the football genius, is not that someone.

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    NutsDeep says:

    Although I don’t see moyes as the best manager in the league, sacking him won’t get us anywhere. We need stability and keeping him could be for the best. If we sack him we lose a lot of money in compensation and a winning run (if Defoe stays) in the championship could boost our morale.

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    Debbie sanderon says:

    Paul do you want kippers for your tea love? Xxx

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