Dom Telford interview: The life of an upcoming Premier League footballer.

Dom Telford interview: The life of an upcoming Premier League footballer.
Oct 30, 2016

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I got the honor of speaking with Stoke City player Dom Telford on his ambitions in the future, Mark Hughes and much more. What I realized after speaking with the 19-year-old is how humble and professional he was, it was a pleasure to have the opportunity to interact with a current footballer and let them express their views and how they approach the game we all know and love.

Dom is just 19 years of age and has recently made his move to the Potters. Having huge amounts of potential and expectation by many must be quite surreal at such a young age. Off the back I asked the Englishman how long has he been involved in football and when did he realise he wanted to pursue a career as a professional?

“I’ve been playing football ever since I can remember! I used to play for Man United when I was 7-9 years old then Blackpool till I was 18. I have loved the game since I started playing and when I got to 12/13 my future was mentioned. I wanted to do anything I possibly could to be a professional footballer.”

As mentioned when growing up, football made up a large proportion of his childhood. I was curious who he looked up to back then who helped him believe to get to the stage he’s at now. With him being a striker knowing where the back of the net is, I wasn’t to shocked with this answer:

“It used to be Alan Shearer growing up but now it’s Jermaine Defoe. I try to model my game around his as he’s a similar size to me and scores goals consistently at the top level. Off the pitch I’m inspired by many, nobody in particular just someone that has acheived their goal and been sucessful.”

Being at Blackpool for so long has evidently matured him and developed him into a complete player, as he expressed this and how he relished the challenge set to the players:

“Of course it was a great experience for me playing in a relegation battle. I know what it’s like to play for your family and keep yourself and your manager in a job, which has helped me improve massively!”

If you haven’t already seen it, Dom scored a mesmerizing solo goal with a dazzling run from the halfway line followed by a devastating finish into the roof of the net. This rapidly increased his reputation around the place while making a solid statement to those around him. He briefly elaborated on what it felt after scoring such a great goal  seeing the ball strike the back of the net:

“Haha thank you! It was a great feeling, every goal feels the same but that one was extra special to me. I like to be positive when I have the ball at my feet and I was glad it paid off.”

As his lengthy spell at Blackpool finally came to an end, the club being so close to his heart, Dom had much praise for The Tangerines staff, players and fans at the club:

“I was lucky enough to have staff that belived in me throughout my time there and I couldn’t be more grateful for the oppotunities I was gifted. The players were brilliant with helping me out and the fans too, they got behind me every time I played and that made a massive differene for me and the rest of the bunch. As soon as I knew Stoke were interested I couldn’t turn it down. A fantastic club with a fantastic future that’s on the up and I jumped on the oppotunity! It was my dream as a kid to play in the Premeir League with established, talented players day in day out.”

Being away from the club he spent his whole childhood at, nothing could persuade his option to leave. Playing in Stokes academy the goal is obviously to break into the first team, where he has full confidence in himself to achieve this target:

“Hopefully! It’s my target. All I can do is keep working hard and scoring goals then hopefully my time will come. This is a great club with some outstanding players in the academy with me. Thibaud Verlinden is one, being a Belgian International with bags of talent. My aim is like any others, we just need to keep doing what were doing and it’ll get us where we want to be. If I train up with the first team all the players and staff are very welcoming and helpful, even Mark Hughes!”

As the discussion was coming to an end I was interested to see what his most memorable moment was so far as a professional footballer, being at United at such a young age and participating in Blackpool’s road to survival can’t be short of memories, but his answer was quite different to what I’d of imagined:

“I have a few. I’d say scoring my first professional goal on my home debut aswell as signing for Stoke. Getting the oppotunity to participate in pre-season with the first team and bagging a goal will be something I will remember for a long time.”

I would like to thank Dom for the time he spent thoroughly answering my questions and wish him luck in the future as I’m truly confident of him breaking through in the next few years at Stoke.



  1. I hope and believe Dom Telford won’t have to wait “a few years” before getting into the first team at Stoke. He can score goals; tap ins and spectacular goals from solo runs or long shots. Scoring goals is a priceless skill and he has it. A huge talent.

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      Jay Payze says:

      I definitely agree! Was so humble and honest and can only see him being a success in the league with his mentality.

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