How To Score Directly From EVERY Corner-Kick On FIFA 17

How To Score Directly From EVERY Corner-Kick On FIFA 17
Mar 25, 2017


Fed up of missing one-on-one chances on FIFA? Don’t worry, we’ve got a solution for you.

Youtuber Jee92Edition has come to the helping hand of the FIFA community and created a video, telling players how to score from a corner-kick.

You can skip straight to the video at the bottom of the article, or follow these steps:

Step 1: Choose The Right Corner-Kick Taker

You’re going to want to choose a player who has a high rating in the curve attribute, which will allow them to curve the ball into the net from the tight-spot. If you’re attempting it on Ultimate Team and you don’t have a player with a high curve rating, a quick search on Google should help you out.


Step 2: Positioning And Where To Aim 

In FIFA 17, you can pick the exact point you want your corner-kick to land, and to score from the corner, you’ll need to use it. You should aim just behind the far post, aiming for the by-line.


Step 3: How Hard?

In order to get the power which will allow the ball to reach the goal and score, you’ll need to completely fill all four bars of power, holding square. If it doesn’t have four bars, expect your attempt to be claimed by the opposition keeper.


Step 4: The Technique

It’s not that easy. No, you have to use the left analogue stick to apply the final touches and add the curve needed for the ball to sail over the goalkeeper’s head, and into the back of the net.


Still not sure? You can watch the video below. Let us know how you get on!

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