Nice President Reveals Why Jean Seri’s Move To Barcelona Broke Down

Nice President Reveals Why Jean Seri’s Move To Barcelona Broke Down
Sep 4, 2017

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Speaking in an exclusive interview to Canal+ France; the President of Nice, Jean-Pierre Rivere, has revealed that Barcelona shattered the dreams of midfielder Jean Michaël Seri, contradicting reports that the French club called off the deal. Rivere was speaking to Canal+ about the failed transfer of Seri.

In the interview, Rivere claimed that there was an agreement and all parties were happy with the deal before Barcelona pulled out. “The two clubs had agreed a price of 40 million euros, but the situation changed at the last moment,” he said.

Rivere also said that on the Wednesday night before the end of the transfer window, Nice General Manager, Julien Fournier, called him and told him that Barcelona do not want to sign the Ivorian Midfielder anymore. Rivere said the Fournier told him: “Jean Pierre, I don’t understand this at all. Barcelona just called. Bartomeu, somewhat embarrassed, told me they don’t want Seri“.

The news of the transfer was all over the media the next day. Rivere shared his frustrations over the move: “It was basically a done deal. If I put myself in Seri’s shoes it’s very tough. He was close to his dream move to Barça, but it was shattered overnight“.

This new development in the failed transfer saga contradicts earlier reports that the French club demanded over €10 million more than the agreed price of €40 million. Seri blamed the French club’s greed for the breakdown of his dream transfer to Barcelona in an explosive interview with Catalan sports daily Mundo Deportivo.

Other reports also claim that Barcelona lost interest after the midfielder gave an underwhelming performance against Napoli in the UEFA Champions League play-off round.

The interview is set to be released on Canal+ France, a clip of the part of the interview where Rivere revealed the details of the breakdown can be found below:

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