WATCH: Ronaldinho Gives Pitch Invader An Unforgettable Moment

WATCH: Ronaldinho Gives Pitch Invader An Unforgettable Moment
Aug 9, 2017


Ronaldinho Gaúcho was a part of Brazil’s golden era in the early 2000s. The playmaker dazzled players and fans alike with his magical footwork and outstanding goals. The 37-year-old continues to wow fans all over the globe with his footballing ability.

Ronaldinho may currently be without a club, but the legendary Brazilian remains as popular as ever. This summer, Ronaldinho has been appearing in a series of charity matches in El Salvador, Honduras and several other Central America countries.

Over the weekend, the Brazilian took part in a Costa Rica Legends exhibition fixture in San Jose and the locals were eager to catch a glimpse of the former World Footballer of the Year. So eager that one fan took to the pitch to meet his idol. It looked to be heading towards a tragically near miss when security guards began to escort him off the pitch.But Ronaldinho made sure to seek out the supporter before he was banished from the stadium, and gave him a big hug.

It was heartwarming stuff from the former Barcelona midfielder, who continues to prove that even though he is not in the spotlight anymore, everyone still loves Ronaldinho.

The full video of the moment can be found below:


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