We’re Looking For Writers To Expand Our Team

We’re Looking For Writers To Expand Our Team
Dec 21, 2016


Who Are We?

From The Stands are always on the lookout for passionate and dedicated writers, designers and video producers who wish to contribute to making our website the number one place for football fans. We pride ourselves on high-quality content, whether that be opinion pieces or post-match interviews. Our website is the best place for upcoming writers to gain experience as well as a platform to show off their work to the adoring football fans following our social media accounts.

Content We’re Looking For:

The content we’re looking for involves news & opinion pieces from the Premier League and only the Premier League. We always want our following to stay updated on the latest news from the greatest league in the world, as well as indulging in debates from opinion pieces posted on our website. All articles must be error free before publishing or it may lead to your removal.

  • Club Correspondent’s (Reporting On Everything Around One Club, VERY Active Role)
  • Reliable News Stories
  • Match Previews
  • Match Reports
  • Football Opinions
  • Tactical Analysis
  • Quizzes
  • Video Content (Post-Match Interviews ect.)

How Regular Would I Need To Write?

To improve our content quantity, we’re only taking on writers who can consistently provide articles on a daily or weekly basis. If you fancy the role of a news reporter, which would feature 250-300 words per article, we would expect three or four reports a week.  If opinion and feature pieces are more of your style, which would be 500 words or above, one to two articles a week would meet our expectation.

Why Should I Join From The Stands?

Unfortunately, we are not in a position to pay writers for their content, although we plan on this in the future. Writers for us can have their work seen by thousands of fellow football fans, in addition, they can build a portfolio of articles hosted on our website and use it to apply for future writing roles. Experience is everything, and by gaining it with us it can help you take a step forward in the world of football journalism. Writers who have been featured on our site have gone on to write for The Sun, The Independent, The Manchester Evening News, OneFootball and many more, showcasing their ability on our site, and there’s no reason to stop you doing the same.

How To Write?

Our website is based on WordPress and if you wish to write for us, you should have some knowledge on how to use WordPress, or attempt some research before applying. Pride should be taken in each and every article written, multiple errors would lead to dismissal.

Ah, Finally. How Do I Apply?

If everything above interests you, you can apply by sending an email to contact@fromthestands.co.uk The email must be entirely professional and interesting, or the likelihood is, it won’t be read. In your email, you should include where you are from, your club of interest, why you want to write for us, and your writing experience,  including a short sample of your writing. Please note that if your application does not include the requirements listed, it may be ignored.

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