Remie Streete Exclusive: Why It Didn’t Work Out At Newcastle, His Relationship With Pardew And More

Remie Streete Exclusive: Why It Didn’t Work Out At Newcastle, His Relationship With Pardew And More
Jun 28, 2016

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“It looks like it isn’t going to take him too much time to be playing first-team football. He’s physically ready, in the next two years he could go straight in,” Pardew told the Chronicle when asked about Remie Streete in March of 2012.

Unfortunately, that never materialised, with the South Shields lad never getting his chance to impress in the first team.

I had the pleasure of chatting with Streete over the phone, and we covered a variety of topics – including why it didn’t work out at Newcastle, his relationship with Alan Pardew, and who he believes will win Euro 2016.

The former Newcastle man now plying his trade for Port Vale is not bitter towards his old club, despite never getting his big chance.

Instead, he still follows the Magpies and has ever since he was a little boy.

Here is the interview in full:

Last season, you (Port Vale) finished 12th – comfortable in mid-table. Do you think you’re capable of improving on that and challenging for promotion next campaign?

Yes, there has been a lot of changes at Port Vale this season, but Burton have proved (that) anything is possible in League One.

What individual goals have you set yourself in which you hope to achieve next season?

(I hope) to play 40+ games next season.

Who did you look up to growing up as a boy?

I’ve always been an admirer of Rio Ferdinand and his style of defending. But more recently at this year’s European Championship’s I’ve enjoyed watching Jerome Boateng – his development into one of the best defenders in the world is remarkable after it not working out at Manchester City!

Reflecting on your time at Newcastle, why don’t you think it worked out?

Young players need first team football to grow, which I wasn’t getting. On the three occasions I was in contention to start in the Premier League, the manager (Alan Pardew) opted for experience, which is understandable, and why I decided to leave.

Who was the best player you played with in training while you were at Newcastle?

Hatem Ben Arfa was the best player I played with at Newcastle. He could turn up to train with any club in the world and they would think ‘we’ve got a player on our hands here’.

If you can, give me some inside info on how Pardew and your relationship with him. What are his greatest strengths and weaknesses as a manager?

His confidence. Under the gaffer, Newcastle had a good record against the ‘Big Four’. He could make you feel ten feet tall. You could see the players believing in what he was saying and taking confidence, particularly against the big teams at home. I’d say we had a fairly good relationship and I learned a lot from him. I hope to play for him again in the future.

Do you still have ambitions to prove yourself in the Premier League?

Absolutely. I think about playing in the Premier League every day and I am determined to make that happen.

Do you still follow how Newcastle are doing? If so, do you think they’ll be in the Premier League come next season?

(Yes and,) if I’m honest, I think Newcastle were better equipped for the Championship last time round. Newcastle will certainly have the best squad in the Championship, but is that alone enough? I hope so.

What do you think is the main reason Newcastle were relegated? The owner? The manager?

Togetherness and a good team spirit go a long way in football and that’s something Newcastle lacked massively when I was there. They had the quality to finish in the top half last season and got relegated, so I’d imagine things haven’t changed much (since then).

Let’s finish off with a bit of a different question – who do you think will win the Euro’s, and why?

Germany. They know how to win, simple as that.

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