Moussa Sissoko – Overrated or Over-Scrutinized?

Moussa Sissoko – Overrated or Over-Scrutinized?
Feb 20, 2016


Moussa Sissoko is a player who divides opinion among the Newcastle faithful. Some see him as a top player, others see him as a liability. I tend to agree with the former.

Sissoko, I have to admit, can be a very frustrating player. On his day, there are not many out there who can stop him. Unfortunately, those days are few and far between.

He doesn’t have a defined position, either. He doesn’t think quickly enough or have the touch to play in the middle. Nor is he a true winger, and when played wide, he tends to drift inside much too often, narrowing the attack. On the right hand side, we rely on Janmaat for width. He has to get forward every time United have the ball, leaving the Magpies exposed at the back.

Sissoko, at times, is sloppy, sluggish, wasteful, and doesn’t always seem to be 100 percent committed to the cause. When Newcastle are in need of some leadership, Sissoko always fails to provide it. He goes missing (as do all the others).

His need to speak of his Champions League aspirations every international break anger many, including myself. He speaks as if he is a world class player who has the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona battling for his signature, which is (obviously) not true.

Yet, after all of this being said, he is one of Newcastle United’s best players.

He and Janmaat have become a duo defenses around the Premier League fear. His pace and strength make him almost impossible to stop 1 v 1. He, bar Wijnaldum, is Newcastle’s most influential player going forward.

Yet he still gets blamed for every single loss.

When Newcastle lose, Sissoko is the scapegoat. There is no denying that.

Don’t get me wrong, a player of Sissoko’s caliber should be giving Newcastle more than he is at the moment.

But he can not do it all on his own.

Is he overrated? Maybe he is. Is he over-scrutinized? No doubt about it.

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    Madridista02 says:

    I like the mention of Real Madrid in there…well done

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