Daryl Janmaat Breaks Two Fingers Punching A Wall

Daryl Janmaat Breaks Two Fingers Punching A Wall
Apr 11, 2016

Newcastle News

Daryl Janmaat has broken two fingers after punching a wall.

Janmaat came off at Southampton because of an apparent injury, and at half-time, he decided to take his anger out on the poor wall, breaking two of his fingers in the process.

Janmaat went off after an awkward fall after Sadio Mane made a pass on his inside. He injured himself while trying to turn to stop the ball.

He left St. Mary’s in a sling, and Benitez must see if his hand can heal in time for the crucial clash with Swansea. His injury to his groin is still being assessed.

Many fans have accused the Dutchman of faking the injury as an easy way out, but this incident shows that is not the case. Why else would he punch a wall?

Netherlands manager Danny Blind recently said that Janmaat was disappointed to pull out of the Netherlands friendlies against England and France because he wanted to impress other teams, and this comment did not go down well with the Toon faithful.

Janmaat is sure to leave if Newcastle go down, and he probably will go even if they stay up. If a good offer came in, I wouldn’t stand in his way. His sub-par performances this campaign have frustrated many, including myself.

He’s not the type of character to fake an injury, though.

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    John Carvinho says:

    Newcastle are fake and gay.

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    Alan Pardew (England's greatest) says:

    Newcastle are fake and gay, this is the truth!

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