Why Manchester United Should Steer Clear Of An Attempt To Re-Sign Cristiano Ronaldo

Why Manchester United Should Steer Clear Of An Attempt To Re-Sign Cristiano Ronaldo
Jun 23, 2017

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The past week has been rife with reports of Cristiano Ronaldo wanting to leave Real Madrid. Reports suggested Ronaldo no longer wanted to play in Spain due to an investigation into his tax affairs and therefore the Madrid star felt hounded by the authorities.

These reports have then led to speculation of where Ronaldo could end up if he leaves Real Madrid. Of course, the first club touted is Ronaldo’s old club, Manchester United. The club has always retained a special place in Ronaldo’s heart and a return is talked about every Summer but nothing ever materialises. With the reports that he wants to now leave the Spanish Champions, a return to Old Trafford for the club’s former number seven would appear more likely than ever.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player in the world and has revolutionised his game to become the ultimate goal scoring forward player. Despite the positives of bringing Ronaldo back to the club, there are also several drawbacks in bringing Ronaldo back to Old Trafford.

In the Summer of 2013, the first transfer window after Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement, a return to United for Ronaldo was wildly touted and the club spent the window focusing on Ronaldo resulting in the club missing out on other targets. That window ended with the sole capture of Marouane Fellaini, a panic signing on deadline day. Under José Mourinho, Manchester United have been ruthlessly efficient in the transfer window, the targets are set out by Mourinho months in advance and the club goes out and gets them in the transfer window as quickly as possible.

A potential chase for Ronaldo puts the transfer plans in jeopardy, there are already rumours that talks between Real Madrid and United for Álvaro Morata have stalled because of the Ronaldo situation. Real Madrid will be fierce negotiators and any potential talks will be long and drawn out. The club cannot lose focus on other targets for the hope of maybe securing a trophy signing, the club should not lose focus on the list of original targets that were decided months ago. The mistakes of the David Moyes transfer window cannot be made again as it is the club that will suffer for it as it did 4 years ago.

It is expected that any fee for Cristiano Ronaldo would cost close to £200 million, potentially including David De Gea going to Real Madrid, if the club desired the Portugal captain that much. At 32-years-old, how many years at the top of his game does he have left? To spend such a gigantic sum of money on a player who is 32, regardless of his ability, does not make sense. Spending such money, you would expect, would be the end of United’s spending in this transfer window. That could potentially leave United having made just two additions to the squad, while there are other areas of the team that need desperately strengthening in this transfer window.

The idea of losing David De Gea to Real Madrid should scare every Manchester United fan, regardless of the player coming to Old Trafford from Madrid. The Spaniard is one of the best goalkeepers in the world who, at the age of 26, has many years at the top ahead of him and will only improve his game as the years go on. How many points has De Gea earned for Manchester United over the years? To win the big trophies Manchester United need David De Gea between the sticks, and nothing should justify losing him to Real Madrid.

For the first time since the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United are finally able to look forward to the future under the leadership of the only man for the job, José Mourinho. The idea of chasing after Ronaldo just screams of the mistakes made by the club under Louis van Gaal and David Moyes, chasing ‘galactico’ signings and then missing out on the players the club needs resulting in desperate scrambles to get players through the door. The progress made in all aspects of the club under Mourinho has been stark after the chaos under the previous two managers, Manchester United should not and cannot go back to that chaos.

The club should continue with José Mourinho’s original transfer plans and continue to be efficient, addressing the areas of the squad that need strengthening and building for the future, not chasing after a ‘galactico’ who is part of United’s history.


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