Why The Press Need To Get Off Wayne Rooney’s Back

Why The Press Need To Get Off Wayne Rooney’s Back
Nov 17, 2016

Manchester United News

Remember when Paul Gascoigne was regarded as a cult hero because he was ‘one of the fans’ and enjoyed a drink? The same applied with George Best in his prime at Manchester United. Yet somehow, part time footballer and full time scapegoat Wayne Rooney has been hounded by national newspapers for a night of drinking, despite the fact he was granted it as a day off just a day after being sent home for a slight knock on England duty.

Now normally I would partake in the Rooney ridiculing because for the most part it is because of his recent sub-par performances, but this is so much different. This is a man who has been in the limelight since he was 16 years old; playing for his boyhood club Everton before moving to arguably the biggest club in world football, Manchester United, at just 18 years of age. The way he has handled media attention has been exemplary right up until the present day and that much has to be respected.


As Manchester United and England captain, there is a colossal amount of responsibility placed upon your shoulders and as mentioned before, Rooney has handled that impeccably and admirably. He’s kept quiet and let his football do the talking; and while we are on the subject, up until this poor spell he’s going through, Wayne Rooney has been a world class footballer for a decade, sometimes single-handedly dragging United to victories and thus trophies.

He is a professional footballer, the stresses and strains are huge and every single movement you make is tracked by the press, almost like they are waiting for you to slip up and get you on the front pages. These are the same press outlets that demand top level performances and tell us all to get behind the players? Something doesn’t add up.

The fact that Rooney has been abused so vigorously by the press is quite frankly appalling. He hasn’t done anything illegal or immoral? He’s simply had a few drinks with friends on a day off but according to The Sun, that’s enough to warrant making our national team captain Public Enemy number one. It’s the final nail in the coffin of this already backward news reporting we have to endure in Thisbe country, where nowadays it is frowned upon for sports stars to act like human beings every now and then.

So I know this may seem a long shot, but could we maybe give our national team’s all-time record goalscorer a bit of a break and let him have one night off? Just a thought, especially considering how much of a cult hero Gazza was treated as.

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