REVEALED: The Worst Outcome That Manchester United Could Face From FIFA’s Paul Pogba Investigation

REVEALED: The Worst Outcome That Manchester United Could Face From FIFA’s Paul Pogba Investigation
May 10, 2017

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The worst outcome Manchester United could face if the club are found to have faltered with Paul Pogba’s paperwork is £11,750, according to the Mirror.

FIFA confirmed last night an investigation had begun into Paul Pogba’s switch from Juventus to Manchester United for a world-record fee following allegations from Football Leaks that Pogba’s agent, Mino Raiola, pocketed a sum rising towards £41m.

A FIFA spokesperson revealed an investigation would begin through its Transfer Matching System (TMS), which monitors cross-border transfers.

“We can confirm that FIFA TMS has been requesting information on this matter. We have no further comment at this stage.”

Football Leaks revealed clauses in the deal could mean Mino Raiola eventually pockets an astonishing £41.39million, with £23m coming from Pogba’s transfer fee.

Manchester United are reportedly relaxed about the situation, insisting the world-governing body have had the documents from the transfer since it happened in August last year. It’s also said that both Manchester United and Juventus will fully co-operate with FIFA if asked to, however, neither have been contacted.

The reasoning for FIFA launching the investigation is said to be to seek clarification for who was paid for each part and ensure it is in line with FIFA TMS system. If the transfer is found to be out of line, the Mirror say the most both clubs will be sanctioned with is a £11,750 fine.

Harsher consequences could only occur if FIFA’s TMS found tax issues within the deal, which would be then investigated through Italian tax authorities or if a third-party influence was involved, and the sanctions for that would be dealt with through FIFA’s Disciplinary Committee. However, neither of these have been suggested to be in the deal, leaving it likely that United and Paul Pogba should be fine, and if the worst comes to worst, they’ll have to dish out £11,750, which is the equivalent to pocket change for one of the richest clubs in world football.

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