Paul Scholes: Non-League And Foreign Football Better Than Premier League

Paul Scholes: Non-League And Foreign Football Better Than Premier League
Sep 8, 2016

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In his new book, multiple trophy winning ex-Manchester United player, Paul Scholes, revealed that the Premier League needs to step up their game if they wish to live up the expectations of the ‘greatest league in the world’.

“I don’t find elite football as interesting to watch any more”. “I think Spain’s by far the best league”. He further rained on the big-money league saying “Germany has better teams”, and “we have this interpretation of the Italian league that it’s rubbish. They only try to defend. No chance. “ Also adding, “The Juventus team would beat any team in this league”.

The quality, he says, also falls short. “Other than Sergio Agüero, Kevin De Bruyne and David Silva, we don’t have the best players. All the best players are in other countries.”

The Red Devils legend continued on to say he much preferred ‘parking up behind the goal’ and watching the game, rather than the hustle and bustle of a major league game that lacked the excitement of a non-league game.

“There’s some good players, really good players, but it’s not always the best for quality. In the Premier League in the last two years, have I really seen a game of high quality?”

“But I genuinely get more enjoyment from watching even my son’s team, Royter Town. It’s like a men’s team, but he’s 16. He started playing a few games for them last season. I went to watch him once, it was 5-4. It’s just entertainment.”

He thinks there are a few problems with the league as a whole. He thinks “it’s all about money and sponsorships” and “managers styles of play become negative because managers are frightened of losing their jobs”, assertively putting in “It spoils football”.

He, like many others, share this opinion. ‘Entertaining’, and ‘winning trophies’ is most important to him. But admits “most owners are just interested in making money for their clubs”.

On him managing a football side, he established he’d ‘probably be sacked in 4-5 games’.

Do you agree with Mr. Scholes? Should the Premier League be re-vamped and revitalised?

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