Manchester United Named The World’s Most Valuable Football Club

Manchester United Named The World’s Most Valuable Football Club
Jun 6, 2017

Manchester United News

Manchester United have been declared the most valuable football club, beating Spanish giants Real Madrid and Barcelona to be top of the Forbes annual rich list for the first time in five years.

The Red Devils have not been great in the Premier League this season, finishing a measly 6th place this season but the club is now worth 3.69 billion dollars 11% up compared to last season’s finances.

United have made a record $765 million income this season, $75 million more than the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona. The income is supported by the Premier League television money, worldwide advertising and also the Adidas kit sponsorship which bring in a reported 90 million dollars per year for the club.

The Glazer family, who run Manchester United, are also the most profitable with them making a reported 288 million dollars more money then the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Tottenham combined.

Even though the red side of Manchester did not finish in the Champions League places come the end of the season, they gained entry to the group stages of the competition for next season due to their Europa League final win over Ajax in Stockholm.

1) Manchester United – $3.69 billion

2) Barcelona – $3.64 billion

3) Real Madrid – $3.58 billion

4) Bayern Munich – $2.71 billion

5) Manchester City – $2.08 billion

6) Arsenal – $1.93 billion

7) Chelsea – $1.85 billion

8) Liverpool – $1.49 billion

9) Juventus – $1.26 billion

10) Tottenham Hotspur – $1.06 billion

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