Mark Clattenburg Reveals He ‘Drove Past His House’ Regretting Manchester United Refereeing Decisions

Mark Clattenburg Reveals He ‘Drove Past His House’ Regretting Manchester United Refereeing Decisions
Jan 1, 2017

Manchester United News

Premier League referee Mark Clattenburg has revealed he beat himself up so much about decisions in the Manchester United vs Burnley fixture, he drove past his house. 

Clattenburg, who has been the subject of interest from the Chinese Super League, sent Ander Herrera off for a second bookable offence, but the midfielder had slipped into the tackle. José Mourinho and Manchester United fans were left furious after a number of strange decisions against them this season have totalled up, but Clattenburg has revealed he regrets his decisions from the game.

The 41-year-old told AP:

 “I was analysing the game back, what could I have done differently, regretting one or two situations of course.

”I just drove past (my home) and I was further up north than I should have been.”

Clattenburg was also at the helm of social media abuse after his performance in last season’s FA Cup final, in which he failed to play advantage for Crystal Palace, and he has revealed he was extremely disappointed after re-watching the game:

“You have some video clips sent to you on your phone (in the Premier League) or in Europe you have comments on your mobile phone after the match.” 

“You will know if you have done OK or not. Then you start reflecting on what you could have done differently. Nearly every game you want to do something differently.

“I remember coming off the FA Cup final disappointed. I felt I could have done better. 

“I’d been criticised in all shapes and sizes from different parts of social media on one decision in particular where I could have played an advantage, I should have played an advantage.

“Until people have been on the pitch in the FA Cup final – it’s uniquely different to refereeing on a Sunday morning on a park game because you have 90,000 people and a global audience watching every decision that you are making.”

Clattenburg, who is known as one of the Premier League’s best referees, was crowned Referee of the Year at the Globe Soccer Awards recently, after a successful year in which the Englishman refereed the Champions League, Euro 2016 and FA Cup finals.


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