Manchester United sign Paul Pogba: Pros and Cons of the £105 Million Return

Manchester United sign Paul Pogba: Pros and Cons of the £105 Million Return
Aug 8, 2016

Manchester United Transfer Rumours

To be honest, a large chunk of Manchester United fans were quite frankly so sick of the name ‘Paul Pogba’ that they didn’t even want him at the club anymore but this horrendous saga (Vidal and  Gaitan had nothing on this one) finally came to an end yesterday afternoon when it was confirmed that Pogba had been given permission to undergo a medical at Carrington before completing a move back to the club where it all started.

The Red Devils were desperate to bring back the young midfielder who left for less than £1 million in 2012 after rising through the youth ranks at Old Trafford only to never get a real chance in the first team, the only flaw was that Pogba has flourished into one of the world’s best central midfielders over the 4 years he’s spent at Juventus and it is presumed that United had to dish out a world-record bid of around £105 million in order to claim his services.

A number of high-profile news sources around the world have been reporting that personal terms were actually agreed with the player weeks ago and it was the agent fee that was the problem, however, it’s now believed that Juventus finally agreed to pay the whopping sum of £20 million to Mino Raiola which meant the deal could be announced.

So hidden around all of the hype about Paul Pogba’s high-profile return to the red side of Manchester there are obviously both positives and negatives to take from it, as there is with everything, and we’re going to go through a few of them now.


Jose Mourinho is adding a world-class midfielder to his squad as a new rebuilding project begins:

Don’t get me wrong, the amount of money that United have had to pay Juventus for Pogba is absolutely outrageous, more on that later, however the truth is that Jose Mourinho is about to sign a footballer who hasn’t even reached his prime yet and is considered one of the world’s best.

At only 23 years of age Paul Pogba has already won 4 Serie A titles with Juventus after cementing a place in the starting XI over the years alongside the likes of Andrea Pirlo and Claudio Marchisio, he also has 2 Copa Italias to his name along with a place in last seasons UEFA and FIFA Team of the Year.

If there was ever an indicator that the Frenchman will transform this new United side it would be his 15/16 record compared to the central midfielders currently at Old Trafford, Pogba had 8 goals and 12 assists in 33 league games while his closest rival at United was Ander Herrera who achieved just 3 goals and 2 assists in 17.

You can’t exactly predict how it’s going to work out for Pogba during his second spell at Manchester United but one thing is for certain, he’s got a hell of a lot to prove in England and it’s likely that his determination to succeed will prove crucial and turn him into a huge asset in the middle of Jose Mourinho’s new-look United set-up.

The ‘Fear Factor’ will well and truly be back for rival teams and rival fans, if it isn’t there already:

If the Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Henrikh Mkhitaryan signings weren’t enough to send shivers down the spines of rivals then the capture of this charismatic box-to-box midfielder will definitely be a reality check for everyone looking at United as a mediocre team after the last 3 seasons.

It isn’t like Manchester United haven’t been making big deals however, with Louis van Gaal bringing Angel Di Maria and Radamel Falcao to the club during his first summer in charge while 6 months earlier saw Juan Mata move up North under the influence of David Moyes.

Despite it not working out with Di Maria and Falcao they were still huge signings seen as though it was straight after a season where Di Maria was one of Real Madrid’s best players and where he was also awarded the Man of the Match award in the Champions League final and Falcao still had the reputation of being one of the best strikers in the world, it’s gone very downhill for him especially since then though.

The reason I bring this up is because the risk of Pogba flopping is there however there is no doubt that fans everywhere are feeling intimidated by United’s financial power and now I suppose it’s just a waiting game to see if he truly can maintain that fear, something that many previous signings have miserably failed to achieve.

United won’t have to solely rely on goals from forwards after scoring a club-record Premier League low last season:

Okay.. I understand that a forwards job is not just to create goals but mainly to score them as well however when a teams’ forwards are solely being relied on to win games, especially if most of your forwards are young like United’s, they won’t produce as much as you need them too.

This was the exact story last season, Manchester United’s top 6 scorers last season were all forwards with 4 of them under the age of 23 and Anthony Martial at the top with just 17 goals in all competitions which in all honesty is fantastic for a 19 year-old in his first season in a new country however no where near good enough for a club like Manchester United.

Where were the more experienced forwards when they were needed most? Wayne Rooney and Juan Mata only got 25 combined in all competitions, no wonder van Gaal’s side finished 5th. Not only this though, in 7th place is Ander Herrera who was the first non-forward in the leaderboard, the Spaniard only scored 5.

28 goals in 124 league games for Juventus doesn’t seem like a lot for a £100 million man however 10 goals in all competitions last season, 5 more than Herrera, should be enough to persuade fans that there most certainly will be a lot more goals at Old Trafford next season with this man in the team… even if he isn’t scoring them, it’s not like the players he’ll be giving service to, Ibrahimovic, Mkhitaryan and Martial, are short of goals either.



Manchester United are having to pay a ridiculous fee to Juventus which is way over his valuation:

Manchester United are obviously getting a magnificent footballer who hasn’t even hit his prime yet in Paul Pogba and with most cases in the modern game clubs have to pay over a player’s valuation to secure his services, especially if they are young.

This is the case here however in extreme proportions, there are a few reasons why United are having to pay such a ridiculous fee for the player. A 23 year-old who is among the World’s elite midfielders already is bound to be worth a lot but because Pogba was still under contract with Juventus and wasn’t exactly pushing a move away, The Old Lady had the perfect opportunity to counter as many offers as possible due to Mourinho’s desperation for the player.

Every sane football fan knows that £100 million for any player is absolutely absurd and the fact that Manchester United are having to dish out that much money on a player they let go for free has been the subject of a number of jokes, and to be honest you can only join in on the laughter.

So there is no doubt that Manchester United are being forced to pay way too much for Paul Pogba but will he repay the club that he has so much to prove to? Only time will tell, and  he’s got a lot of it.


Real Madrid was his preferred move and he will remain interested in them as much as they will remain interested in him:

It’s no secret that Real Madrid were Paul Pogba’s first choice this Summer and he would’ve been presented at the Bernabeu by now if United didn’t economically blow them out of the water.

I mean, you can’t blame him. Why wouldn’t you prefer a move to the Champions of Europe over a club who disrespected you as a youth player and will be playing Europa League football? Well not only are United offering the Frenchman a massive pay day but the player himself will surely feel like he has unfinished business in the Premier League, if it wasn’t for these factors we’d probably be seeing him in a Juventus shirt again next season until Madrid gained the funds to swoop in for him.

Real Madrid keeping an interest in the player might not be disastrous for the Manchester giants however, it’s likely that Pogba will stay in England for at least 3 years and that’s a long time for someone to change their mind so it might turn out that if Madrid take too long to approach the player he’ll draw the line and be happy to play at United for further years, take David de Gea for example.

If it wasn’t for a ‘broken fax machine’ the Spanish goalkeeper would have been at Real Madrid for a year now however the move didn’t work out for him. Madrid then had the opportunity to approach him again this summer however they questionably chose not to and weeks later saw David sign a new contract at United which confirmed his stay for years to come. The same thing could happen with Pogba, Manchester United fans will just be hoping that Ed Woodward hasn’t bought a new fax machine or that their £100 million man sticks to his word and makes his performances as impressive as that hefty price tag.

It could spell the end of a career at United for good players who don’t fit Jose Mourinho’s system without being given a chance to prove themselves:

It’s normal business for football clubs, players join and players leave, however Jose Mourinho has only seen his players train for less than a month and in order to bring promising youngsters through like he’s promised there will have to be some first team players who are forced out of the club to make room for the world-record signing.

Bastian Schweinsteiger is set to be the main victim of Mourinho’s exodus after the Portugese manager openly admitted in his Community Shield Press Conference that ‘Basti’ was not in his plans for the near future and for that reason he is training with the reserves until he finds a new club, harsh I know.

Paul Pogba’s arrival could also spell the end to game time for United veteran Michael Carrick who has recently signed 1 year contract extensions with the club, however I’m sure the 34 year old now understands that his experience and leadership off the pitch is more than anything else.

It’s been vastly reported that Mourinho is looking to get rid of NINE players before the transfer window slams shut, Schweinsteiger is one of the names on the list along with fellow midfielder Andreas Pereira however the promising Brazilian is more likely to go out on loan. It’s of course understandable that Jose Mourinho doesn’t have certain players in his hands but it simply underlines the brutal reality of being a footballer.

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