Antoine Griezmann Denies Phoning José Mourinho But Refuses To Rule Out Future Move

Antoine Griezmann Denies Phoning José Mourinho But Refuses To Rule Out Future Move
Jul 5, 2017

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Antoine Griezmann has denied reports that he personally phoned José Mourinho to tell the Manchester United manager he would be staying at Atlético Madrid. The 26-year-old was on the verge of a move to the Premier League until Atléti’s transfer ban was upheld, meaning Los Rojiblancos couldn’t strengthen their squad if he was to leave.

Out of loyalty to the club, the Frenchman decided to stick around in Madrid, with many applauding his loyalty. However, many suspect that those after his signature will return once the transfer ban is lifted and the club are able to recruit replacements, which can occur from January 2018 onwards. It’s been reported that Diego Costa is on the verge of returning to Madrid after Antonio Conte made him surplus to requirements at Chelsea though he will have to wait it out until next year before making his first appearance in red and white.

Upon being questioned over reports he personally snubbed Manchester United via a phone call with José Mourinho by FourFourTwo, Griezmann denied all allegations: “No, no, no. That’s totally made up. False. It was my decision. I communicated it to the club. That’s it.”

“I have stayed mainly because of the transfer ban. Atlético needed me now more than ever and I felt I had to stay. It would be dirty to leave. I wouldn’t have been myself, or the person that I feel I am today if I had left this club in that way.”

“I spoke to Diego Simeone about the situation, our options and how he wanted me to stay to work out what we could do. Then we finalised everything with Miguel Ángel Gil Marín (Chief Executive at Atlético). I have too much respect for this club and the people in it to leave now because, just like Real Sociedad, they’ve given me everything.”

However, Griezmann did refuse to rule out a possible move in the future, despite signing a new contract in Madrid until 2022: “To be honest, I don’t know. I’m going to be playing for Atletico next season and after that, we’ll see. All I am thinking about now is Atlético Madrid. I think it’s absurd to talk about something that is more than a year away.”

You can read the full interview by purchasing July’s edition of FourFourTwo, just click here.

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