Don’t Talk The Talk, If You Cannot Walk The Walk, Angel.

Don’t Talk The Talk, If You Cannot Walk The Walk, Angel.
Apr 3, 2016

Manchester United


Earlier this week former Manchester United & Real Madrid star Angel Di Maria participated in an interview with BBC Sport on his disappointing time in England. The Argentinean claimed he was ‘played out of position’ and also accused the Red Devils of not ‘letting him settle properly’.

My opinion? A sorry excuse for a spineless coward who shoves blame onto his manager for his inadequate performances towards the latter stages of the season in an attempt to vanish the reproval of the Old Trafford faithful.

Let’s start with the man himself’s argument, ‘the manager is at blame’. Now, if you’re looking for some charitable praise for Louis Van Gaal, I’m not your man, after another long and disappointing season United are again chasing the gracious fourth spot, dropping from the standards of expecting a title year on year, but the Dutchman has again been used as a scapegoat for the Red Devils lack of Manchester United esque performances this season, and in this case, I disagree. I see the argument that the change of position disrupted the rhythm of Di Maria, with Van Gaal clueless to his best XI, the unawareness of his favored formation couldn’t have helped his team either. Di Maria started in a diamond but following more experimentation with the squad, Van Gaal moved him to the left, right and even as a striker during a 1-0 defeat to Southampton. My response being that this is a world class player, having just been named Man Of The Match in Real Madrid’s Champions League win over rivals Atlético Madrid, and smashing the British Transfer Record with his move to Manchester United, Di Maria was a more than versatile player, shown at Real Madrid as he moved centrally after the addition of Gareth Bale. At United, Di Maria scored three goals and gained ten assists, despite being labelled a ‘flop’, showing he could turn up when he wanted too. A professional footballer, reported to be on wages that edged the £300,000 mark, should be able to play in any outfield position, work for the team, collect his wages and go home without moaning, as highlighted by Leicester City in this season’s thrilling campaign.

Manchester United was a stepping stone in the ideology of Angel Di Maria’s mind, a short-term nightmare that rewarded his long awaited dream. He never wanted to play for Manchester United and why would he? No Champions League, considering he’d just come off the back of winning it, a deteriorating side added with the traditional English weather highlighted in the city of Manchester. With the speculation of Di Maria’s exit from Madrid circling, the Argentinian wished for a move to French champions Paris Saint-Germain F.C, which was impeded as the FFP rules meant PSG were incapable of spending big again in the window. So along came Ed Woodward with his cheque-book and United were on the title march again, or so they thought. The horrendous nightmare came to an end for Di Maria and within weeks of talking to Sky Sports about becoming a Manchester United legend, he refused to join the pre-season tour and set off to the city of Paris.

For a player with the name and reputation of Angel Di Maria, you should have the ability to make yourself unstoppable, and on the wages, that fans pay into, you should give everything. But Di Maria didn’t, and during his absence after an injury during the Copa América, he was replaced by a man who did, Ashley Young. After a string of fantastic performances, Young made the starting XI, pushing Di Maria onto the bench with the likes of Falcao and on occasions, Robin Van Persie. Radamel Falcao was the opposite of Di Maria, despite not living up to his potential, he left the club gracefully, waving the fans goodbye and posting a message on social media. Now, I’m not doubting the ability of Di Maria at all, despite what the title of the article suggests, instead, reminiscing on the fact Di Maria has slated Van Gaal, but couldn’t show his class himself. The idea he is still commenting on it for publicity, even though he’s already won Ligue 1, suggests he wasn’t a player who deserves his plaudits and one that should wear the badge of Manchester United.

Haven’t seen the interview? Watch it below.



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