Defending The Scapegoat: A positive Spin On Memphis Depay

Defending The Scapegoat: A positive Spin On Memphis Depay
Feb 19, 2016

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In what’s been a dour season for Manchester United where a lot of blame has to be distributed to a lot of different people, one man who has gotten an unfair amount of stick in my opinion is new arrival Memphis. Granted there was a lot of expectation and hype surrounding his arrival from PSV Eindhoven in the Summer after a truly spectacular season, and he’s no doubt failed to match what was expected, the question must be asked was there too much asked of the youngster in the beginning?

It’s very easy to forget that Memphis has only very recently turned 22 years of age. That in addition to him having to adjust to a new league in a struggling side after being used to being the main man of a team sweeping all before them in a much less competitive league in Holland all points to the possibility that he’s being unfairly assessed. A lot of people are basing him around this unfair media hype that was generated upon Memphis’ arrival which is of no fault of the players rather than assessing him upon a criteria that you would expect for your average 21 year old player who would be granted time to adjust.

Lets break it down into statistics firstly, in his 1,836 minutes of competitive football for Manchester United, he’s directly contributed to 14 goals. This is an average of contributing to a goal every 131 minutes, I feel that with most players arriving in a new league averaging a key involvement in a goal just under every game and a half is a very reasonable average.

Another infuriating aspect of people’s opinion on Memphis is this agenda and attack on his personal life. It’s almost seen as breaking news whenever he turns up to training in a nice car. We have to remember that this is a young man enjoying his life and if materialistic objects help him to settle in then so be it. Never in my life have I seen a young player as targeted by the media as Memphis currently is. Yes, he’s had a few errors along the way and maybe hasn’t been the world beater some of us hoped he’d have been, but surely a player as talented as him should be given time to adjust rather than being slaughtered by the blood hungry vultures in the media. I dread to think what sort of treatment Cristiano Ronaldo would’ve gotten in his first season on social media and from journalists…

Memphis Depay celebrating crucial Champons League qualifier goal

Memphis Depay celebrating crucial Champions League qualifier goal against Brugge.

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