David Moyes Has Torn Into Manchester United, Stating They’ve ‘Lost Their Tradition’

David Moyes Has Torn Into Manchester United, Stating They’ve ‘Lost Their Tradition’
Dec 23, 2016

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Former Manchester United manager David Moyes has ripped into his former employer, believing they’ve ‘lost their tradition’.

Moyes, who was recommended by Sir Alex Ferguson, lasted less than a season at Old Trafford after guiding the club into 7th place, just a year after they won the league.

Ahead of Sunderland’s Boxing Day clash with United, Moyes has come out all guns blazing in defense of his reign at the club.

“I wasn’t going out to bring in seven, eight players, because we had a squad who had just won the league,” Moyes said. “I wanted to give those players a chance to show what they could do and gradually make changes as I went along, not make wholesale changes.” 

“Manchester United was a club with great traditions, traditions where they tended to pick British managers. That tradition has now gone. They were a football club who enjoy traditions with the way they spent. They didn’t try to compete with all the other clubs. They did what they thought was the right thing to do and spent the right way. I can say that’s gone. There have been a few changes at Manchester United but that’s the way they have chosen to go.”

“Of course, they bought Cantona and the best defender in Rio Ferdinand and, but Man United never went out there to show they had the biggest balls. Man United did what they thought was right for the football club, always. Maybe that has had to change because of the current situation. Sir Alex went out and bought wisely and correctly in the transfer market and what he thought he needed to do.” 
“I believed I had longer – I didn’t believe I had to do it in nine months, or even 12 months. I was given plenty of reassurances,” the Scotsman said. “But I think that whoever took over from Sir Alex would have found it incredibly difficult.

“There were top players coming near the end of their career who had to be moved on, and that’s not easy. People would now see it has taken a while for Manchester United to start to get back to where people see them and where the club would like to be.” 
“The only regrets would be the timescale. Most people looking back at it – and me myself – would say that, whoever took over from Sir Alex, wouldn’t have had an easy ride, whether it was Jose, Carlo Ancelotti, Jürgen Klopp, Pep Guardiola or David Moyes, it would have been a difficult job for whoever took over.” 
Moyes received plenty of criticism after a transfer window where his only purchase was on deadline day, bringing in Mauroune Fellaini. But, Moyes suggests it wasn’t all as it seemed, and he had higher expectations for the club, but they didn’t happen.

“When I first went in my real target was Gareth Bale,” Moyes said. “I felt all along that Gareth Bale was a Manchester United player. I fought right until the last minute. We actually offered Tottenham a bigger deal than Real Madrid . Gareth had his mind made up on going to Real Madrid. That was, in my mind, the player I really wanted to bring to Manchester United.

“The other one was Cesc Fabregas, who we thought we would get right up until the last minute. Sometimes you don’t get deals done. Gareth Bale we were probably behind all along, Real Madrid were well in for it. The Cesc one was disappointing. It was very close. And Toni Kroos came up in January, it was done.

“I remember when I first met Sir Alex and he always said there was a chance Ronaldo might come back. So that was the level we were targeting.”

Quotes taken from The Telegraph. Read the full report here. 

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