“Being at United gives me an opportunity to be the best”

“Being at United gives me an opportunity to be the best”
Feb 21, 2016

Manchester United

Exclusive: From The Stands interviews Manchester United’s wonderkid Dj Buffonge and provides you with an insight into the youngster’s hopes for the future.

Buffonge, 17, who only arrived at Manchester United last summer, is already being tipped for big things. He is a left-footed attacking midfielder, who likes to beat a man, play through balls and he also has an eye for goal. He is extremely versatile and is comfortable enough to play all across midfield, DJ is very good, technically  and has pace to beat his man.

What does it mean to you to play for Manchester United?

“As a child all I ever dreamt about was being the best that I could be, being at United gives me the opportunity to try to be the best, at the best club in the world.”


Who has the best ‘banter’ in the United dressing room?

“I would say the best banter in the dressing room would have to go to Gribbo! “(Callum Gribbin)


How would you describe your playing style for those who haven’t see you play before?

“I would have to let someone else be the judge of that but if I was to describe it in one word it would be ‘natural’.”


Who is your current favourite first-team player or someone from the team you look up to?

“My current favourite first-team player would have to be Anthony Martial. He is young and has proven on a number of occasions why he deserves to be in the first eleven.”


In 3-5 years time would you prefer to be a fringe player among the bench, at United or starting in the first team at a championship club?

“If I carry on developing and working hard, in 3-5 years time I see myself in the first team for Man United, that is my only focus.”

One thing for sure is that the modest,  youngster will definitely catch the eye, as he makes his way, up through the ranks of Manchester United’s famed academy With the correct attitude and hard work, it is possible he can make it all the way to the top. Don’t be too surprised to see him playing in the first-team in a couple of years time. Buffonge will definitely be one to look out for in the future!


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