Jose Mourinho Has Brought ‘Beautiful Football’ Back To Manchester United This Season

Jose Mourinho Has Brought ‘Beautiful Football’ Back To Manchester United This Season
Dec 2, 2016

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After 3 years of dull negative football, it felt as if we would never see a Manchester United team adhere to the demands of the fans to ‘attack attack attack’ again. However, Jose Mourinho has delivered the best football we have seen from a Manchester United team since the Ferguson era.  A team that plays with pace, purpose and importantly has been scoring goals, although in certain league games this season the attacking football has not been rewarded with the goals the team deserved in those games.

Under Jose Mourinho’s predecessor Louis van Gaal Manchester United scored 4 goals in a game in 4 out of 103 games. This season Jose Mourinho’s teams have scored 4 goals in 4 of his 22 games in charge this season. This Included 4 in the first half when United demolished the champions Leicester City in a 4-1 rout at Old Trafford. The atmosphere at Old Trafford has also improved massively this season with the crowds being treated to the football they expect at Manchester United. The approval of the fans has been epitomised by the singing of Jose Mourinho’s name at every game home and away. The fans of Manchester United can see a stark improvement in their teams play and they know good football which is why there is such thunderous support for Jose Mourinho from the fans.

Many will say that Jose Mourinho is past it and that he looks sour and glum or that he is old news compared to the new guard of supposedly better managers that have rocked up in the Premier League. It’s very rare that those people will mention some of the failings of Klopp, Guardiola or Conte. Antonio Conte, for example, resided over shocking performances against Liverpool and Arsenal earlier in the season but he turned his teams form around but in the eyes of many Jose Mourinho doesn’t deserve that chance. Of course, there is also Arsene Wenger who went into a quarter-final of a cup competition making 10 changes to his team and gets knocked out at home by Southampton. That hardly got any criticism from anyone but imagine just imagine if Jose Mourinho had 10 changes to his team and got knocked out, there would be a national uproar. But Jose Mourinho played the strongest side available to him because he is a winner and is in the EFL Cup to win it and he wants to win it, perhaps some other managers don’t want to win a trophy this season but Jose Mourinho certainly does.

Every Manchester United fan knows the team’s recent form in the league has not been good enough but when you look at each game individually United should have won them comfortably. If not for keepers such as Lee Grant, Tom Heaton, and Darren Randolph all having the game of their lives United would have won 3 games comfortably and have 9 more points and would be talked of as title contenders. Sometimes in football, the luck goes against a team and this period of league games has gone against Manchester United but with the attacking football the team has been playing the results and goals will come in the league. This team just needs to transmit their cup form and goals into the league and Manchester United will certainly start to climb the table.

Jose Mourinho took over a very difficult job with a club that had been trying to get over its post-Ferguson hangover for the last 3 years. It was never going to be a quick fix at Manchester United and it was unlikely they would win the league this season under Jose Mourinho. With a squad that is not how he would want it and a lack of quality in certain areas of the pitch Mourinho was always going to need significant time to change things at Manchester United. What he has changed though is the play style of the team with a return to attacking free flowing football that the fans of Manchester United demand of their team and in time the league results will come. One thing that is certain is that Jose Mourinho has made Manchester United enjoyable to watch again with the return of ‘beautiful football’.


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