Bastian Schweinsteiger should have left Manchester United for the sake of his career

Bastian Schweinsteiger should have left Manchester United for the sake of his career
Sep 1, 2016

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With the transfer window now closed one major surprise is the fact Bastian Schweinsteiger is still a Manchester United player. After it was made abundantly clear to him by Jose Mourinho that he was not in his plans many thought the Germany and Bayern Munich legend would end his short association with the Old Trafford club. This is not the case, Schweinsteiger instead will continue to be excluded from the senior squad training with the U23’s and not playing any football whatsoever. The big question has to be why would he not want to leave the club and play football somewhere else?

It has been reported that Schweinsteiger rejected a move to Sporting Lisbon in recent weeks. A somewhat baffling decision to turn down the chance to play first team football at a massive club in Portugal that challenges for trophies domestically. It is very difficult to understand the logic in rejecting this move. Does he really believe he will play any football at Manchester United this season with the amount of midfield players ahead of him in the pecking order. Jose Mourinho has even suggested he would be prepared to play players from the youth teams and ‘accelerate their process’ rather than turn to Bastian Schweinsteiger. Jose Mourinho is not a man who goes back on his decisions if he doesn’t want a player in his squad that is it and with Schweinsteigers age it makes it practically impossible for him to sway Jose Mourinho into playing him. So, why stay at Manchester United, what is the point? There would be no shame in Schweinsteiger admitting it has not worked out and moving on to a new club and get playing football again which is the most important thing.

When he was signed by Louis van Gaal in 2015 many thought Schweinsteiger would transform the Manchester United midfield. That was not the case, slow and lethargic like Manchester United under van Gaal the German had little to no impact on the Manchester United team. A big name signing yes but it appears the pace of the Premier League is too much for him. During his time at Bayern Munich the now Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola claimed Schweinsteiger had not been fully fit during the Spaniard’s time in Munich. That was certainly the case last season with the German only making 18 appearances in all competitions for Manchester United. The Premier League requires immense fitness and performance levels and Schweinsteiger simply isn’t up to the challenges of the Premier League.

Only Bastian Schweinstieger knows the real reason as to why he hasn’t accepted a move away from Manchester United in the transfer window. For those looking in at the situation we see a player who isn’t wanted and doesn’t have a chance of playing football this season so why not accept a move even if it is a step down and involves a lower wage. Does Schweinsteiger truly think he will play this season? Only he will know but is he really happy training with the U23’s and collecting his wages while not playing football. This is one of the greats of the modern game, a World Cup winner it’s sad to see his career end up like this. He doesn’t belong training with the youth team he should be playing first team football. Manchester United didn’t have to be his last club in Europe he has much more football in him and could have revived his career somewhere else but it is looking like Manchester United will be his last club in Europe and that is a shame. He should have left Manchester United to get his career going again but he looks to be stuck in limbo for the next few months at least.



  1. It’s merely a few weeks ago in the Euro quarters and semis that Schweinsteiger lead and dominated the midfield against world class teams Italy and France.
    In fact Germany’s first half against France was one of best and most dominant performances by Germany I have seen in recent years.
    It is simply impossible to objectively argue that this player isn’t good enough for the first 23 and should be left out of the training ground – based on merits – for the sake of player like Carrick, Schneiderlein or even some 18 year old.
    This is obviously an attempt to back out of an existing contract early for financial reasons. A case of blatant mobbing if ever there was one. The club of Busby and Ferguson should be ashamed.

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