Manchester United Should Do Whatever’s Necessary To Sign Paul Pogba

Manchester United Should Do Whatever’s Necessary To Sign Paul Pogba
Jul 13, 2016

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Another year, another transfer window. This usually means Manchester United are paying ‘over the odds’ for someone, being used in order for that player to seek a new contract extension, or leaving it till the last minute on Deadline Day to sign Marouane Fellaini for £27.5million, which still hasn’t been explained.

The ‘bang average’ player Manchester United are supposedly overpaying for this year? Academy graduate Paul Pogba. Since the rumours arose, Paul Pogba has turned into what Twitter likes to call ‘a fraud’. It’s no surprise, leaving Manchester United in 2012 on a free and four years later given a price tag of 100million pounds makes Sir Alex Ferguson and Manchester United, look rather silly. In addition to that, the purchase of the Frenchman would mean paying more than Real Madrid paid for Cristiano Ronaldo (£80m) and Gareth Bale (£85.1m) and considering the two Madrid players are argued as some of the best in the world, questions are being asked if the 23-year-old from Lagny-sur-Marne in France could carry that sort of price tag, if he did arrive at the Theatre Of Dreams.

The idea that Manchester United, one of the biggest clubs in the world with an ever-growing reputation, would hunt down a player they let go on a free, attempting to break the world record transfer fee in doing so, suggests there can’t be many doubts that Jose Mourinho’s vision for the future of this football club heavily includes Mr Paul Pogba.

One major doubt in Pogba’s game is consistency. Having the ability to continuously repeat world class performances on the big stage is something only the VERY best can do, and the very best earn their price tags. But, Paul Pogba isn’t a nobody. Since joining the Bianconeri, Pogba has won four Serie-A titles, the Coppa Italia and two Supercoppa Italiana titles. In 2013, he won the Golden Boy award, which is awarded to the best U-21 player in Europe. Just a year later, the awards continued as he won the Bravo award, which was awarded to the best under-23 player who had participated in European competitions. In the same year, he was included in The Guardian’s top ten promising players in Europe and lastly, in January 2016, Pogba was named in the 2015 UEFA Team Of The Year due to his contributions in helping Juventus to the Champions League final. If you hadn’t gathered the point already, the boy can play.

In Jose Mourinho’s first Manchester United press conference, he stated that he and the club had targetted four key areas needed strengthening. Eric Bailly, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Henrikh Mkhitaryan have already joined Manchester United in this transfer window, strengthening the defensive, forward and wing positions, leaving a huge gap in United’s central midfield, which still hasn’t been replaced from the days of Paul Scholes. Mourinho also expressed that he wanted to get his signings done early and there’s no chance his fourth target would join as late as Deadline Day.

The signing of Paul Pogba, regardless of the critics opinions and football journalists who conveniently turn into mathematicians when Manchester United are involved, would be a huge sign of intention that there is no more mediocrity allowed within the club, and it’s time to return to the top. Pogba is a trademark Mourinho signing, a powerful midfielder, who can be his Nemanja Matic, only more mobile & attacking.


In terms of the fee, if you’re a fan, who cares? Pogba is fast becoming the face of Adidas football along with many others such as Dele Alli & Mesut Ozil, and at 23, he is an extremely marketable player. Of course, shirt sales will not cover his cost, but trophies would. The Premier League Tv rights deal was worth a whopping £5.1billion, with each top flight club receiving some. Manchester United are, if not becoming, the richest club in the world, and if you are the richest club in the world, you may as well act like it. I’ve always been against spending vasts amount of money, as we have criticised our blue neighbours for, but, football’s changing. Money is becoming increasingly important in football and personally, I’d rather be spending £100million with a Premier League trophy under the clubs name, then spending very little, finishing 5th and giving it the ‘money is ruining football’ excuse. I want Paul Pogba, at all costs. Forget fees, wages, image rights and the information you don’t really need to know as a fan. I want to see Paul Pogba, back in a Manchester United shirt, playing at Old Trafford in front of 75,000 people putting on a show, maybe it’s just me, but i’m not paying the money for Pogba, and it’s certainly better off going into Juventus’s pocket than the Glazers pockets.

It is still unknown as to whether Paul Pogba will return to Manchester or extend his contract at Juventus, which his agent highlighted that the Italian club had offered one, but if Manchester United land Paul Pogba, and it’s one huge if, they have a player who has all the potential to be a footballing great.

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