Manchester United: Clearing The Deadwood

Manchester United: Clearing The Deadwood
Jul 5, 2016

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At his first press conference as the manager as Manchester United Jose Mourinho vowed he would be ‘aggressive’ in his approach at the club. He has certainly been aggressive in his approach to the players he has brought to Old Trafford with Eric Baily and Zlatan Ibrahimovic already announced as Manchester United players. Jose also inadvertently announced the club has completed a deal for a third player who is almost certainly Henrikh Mkhitaryan although we await the official confirmation from the club itself. But how aggressive should Jose be when it comes to deciding who leaves Old Trafford? Who should be shown the exit door this Summer?

Phil Jones:

In 2013 Sir Alex Ferguson declared Phil Jones could be ‘our best player ever’. An incredibly bold assessment of the central defender by the legendary manager however Phil Jones has not lived up to that expectation and is on course to be one of our worst players ever. It has been an injury ravaged time at Old Trafford for Phil Jones who only made ten Premier League appearances last season. When he does play Jones shows an incredible lack of defensive discipline and looks a constant liability at the back. We have not seen anything from Phil Jones to show that he can be a player to be relied on or if he is even good enough to be at the football club the size of Manchester United. Unfortunately it has not worked out for him at Old Trafford, he should look to find himself a new club and get playing regularly and recover his career. Certainly not a Jose Mourinho type player.


Marouane Fellaini:

David Moyes’ first signing when he took charge in 2013 Marouane Fellaini has been a source of frustration for Manchester United fans and rightly so. In his first season at Old Trafford Fellaini did nothing accept elbow players as he usually does. He got his big break at Old Trafford under Louis van Gaal who deployed Fellaini as one of two holding midfielders in a 4-2-3-1 or as a forward player to lump long balls to when the much talked about philosophy wasn’t working. The slowness and limited range of passing that he possesses has been a particular frustration for Manchester United fans who argue he is no where near good enough to be at the club. It’s incredible that the club paid £27 million for Fellaini. The challenge will be finding a club who will actually want to pay any fee for Marouane Fellaini but he definitely should not be at the club when the new season kicks off.

Marcos Rojo:

Perhaps the best thing that sums up the Argentine defenders time at Manchester United is his infamous Instagram post showing a piece of toast he had cooked but it was a little bit charcoaled. A clumsy clueless bit of cooking from Rojo much like his defensive abilities. Louis van Gaal said he signed Rojo because he analysed him at the 2014 World Cup and claimed he was impressed with his performances maybe Louis should look to improve his analysis skills. All we have seen in two years is reckless defending and a real lack of positional awareness. The one word that comes to mind is clumsy, he looks like a mistake waiting to happen every time he plays. Sorry Marcos but it’s a no to your defending and your toast.

Other than these three players who should 100% be sold, the jury is out on the other members of the squad. There has been talk about players such as Memphis and Bastian Schweinstiger being shown the door by Jose Mourinho. It’s clear that that the members of the squad other than the 3 players featured above have immense quality that was hidden by the hindrance of van Gaal and his philosophy. The other members of the squad certainly deserve the chance to show their new manager they are more than the robotic cogs in the philosophy of Louis van Gaal that we saw last season.

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