The Daily Star Target Raheem Sterling AGAIN. Why? Because His Car Is Dirty

The Daily Star Target Raheem Sterling AGAIN. Why? Because His Car Is Dirty
Jan 26, 2017

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The Daily Star (we know that’s enough to stop reading, but stay with us) have targetted Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling AGAIN, why? Because his car is dirty.

Yup, that’s right. The newspaper are known for their continuous attacks on the English international and on this occasion, his car, which cost £50,000 as they like to make clear, wasn’t clean enough for their liking. The tweet left fans from all fanbases fuming with the outlet, including a discovery from @AdamBailey_ that the paper had written 7 articles on the 22-year-old in January alone, all attempting to criticise Sterling.

In these articles, Raheem Sterling receives criticism for:

Shopping in Poundland (turns out the photo was over three years old)

Purchasing a £3m mansion

Flying with EasyJet

• Having three garages. 

Having dirt on his car.

Given the consistency and the hatred that occurs with these articles, it’s clear to see the Daily Star have an agenda with the winger, along with their hunger for ad revenue means they’ll hire University Graduates to place photos of dirty cars in articles and think of the most derogatory words they can, because ya know, that’s modern day journalism, if you hadn’t noticed.

The reaction to the publication of the article didn’t go down too well, as expected. Here’s how the world of Twitter reacted:

Given the fact the Daily Star most likely have a media team dedicated to watching 24-hour surveillance of Sterling, you can expect to receive an update when the Manchester City winger receives a scuff on his new pair of £450 Yeezy’s on the Daily Star website, found at

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