How Does Sergio Aguero Compare To The Premier League Greats

How Does Sergio Aguero Compare To The Premier League Greats
Aug 23, 2016

Manchester City

Sergio Agüero has produced many incredible moments of magic since his arrival in Manchester in 2011, and no one will forget that amazing 94th-minute goal against QPR which sealed City the league in the 2011-12 season. It has emerged in the last few days that Aguero has equalled Didier Drogba’s goal record in the Premier League, with 102-less games played. This is an impressive statistic and it has brought about many comparisons between the two players, so with this news so hot in the press, I thought it would be a fitting time to compare the City ace to the greats of recent years in the Premier League.

How Does Aguero Compare To Thierry Henry?

Some hardcore Arsenal fans may believe comparing Aguero to their beloved Henry is unfair, and that Henry is surely the better player however the statistics are there to show that Aguero can definitely give Henry a run for his money. So let’s compare the two players. So far in his Manchester City career Sergio Aguero has scored 105 goals in 152 appearances, not a bad record for the best league in the world, and as it has recently emerged that he is likely to be signing a new contract with City, you can expect to see that tally rising throughout the coming years, as the 28-year-old definitely has at least4-5 years left in him, maybe more.

Now to Henry, the Frenchman scored 175 goals in his 258 appearances for Arsenal, another impressive record, however, Aguero has another 106 appearances to score the 70 goals he would need to surpass Henry’s record, surely the Argentine will eventually overtake Henry in the goal department. I will not give a definitive opinion on whether I think Aguero is better than Henry as I do not want to upset fans of either player, however, the City man does have a strong case and it can definitely be deliberated that he is a better player than the former Arsenal great.

How Does Aguero Compare To Alan Shearer?

Many people put Shearer down as the greatest Premier League striker of recent years, some would even list him in the top 10 strikers of all time. The former Southampton, Blackburn, and Newcastle man enjoyed many great years in the top flight of English football and will go down as one of the very best. But how does he compare to one of the current best strikers in the world, Sergio Aguero? Well, statistically Aguero has a far better goal-to-game ratio, as throughout his career Shearer had a ratio of 0.667, however, in all fairness he has played many more games than Aguero, who is currently averaging a goal every 109 minutes. However, Shearer still holds the record for the least games taken to reach 100 goals in the Premier League, with Aguero in second place, not managing to reach the milestone as fast as the former England striker. In terms of technical ability, Shearer is unmatched by most, he had the ability to produce moments of pure greatness out of nowhere, however, Aguero also shares this ability, and is technically one of the best players in the game currently.

Both players share similar attributes, and they also differ in some areas, Shearer scored many spectacular long shots throughout his career, whereas Aguero is more known for his poaching ability, and his ability to skill players inside the box. Yet again, it is difficult to try and give a definitive opinion on who is the better player, as both players enjoyed, or in Aguero’s case, are still enjoying great seasons in the top flight, and it would be incredibly hard to come to a decision on who is the better player, what we do know is that both players will go down in the history books as two of the greatest strikers to grace the Premier League.

How Does Aguero Compare To Hernan Crespo?

I know what you may be thinking when reading that headline, Crespo only appeared 49 times for Chelsea, scoring 20 goals, but I thought it would be a fitting end to the article to compare Aguero to a fellow Argentine, and talk about international success. I was going to compare him with Lionel Messi, but I believe choosing Crespo instead makes more sense as they have a similar number of goals and appearances and Messi has not, and will probably not play in the Premier League, whereas as you will know, and as I previously mentioned, Crespo appeared 49 times for Chelsea between 2003-2008, going out on loan for most seasons.

Hernan Crespo was named by Pele in the FIFA 100 list of the world’s greatest living players, and will certainly go down as one of the most prolific strikers of all time. He scored 35 goals in 64 appearances for his national team, not counting the 6 goals in 6 appearances in the 1996 Olympic Games. An impressive ratio considering he came up against some of the world’s best teams while playing for Argentina. On the other hand, Aguero has currently scored 33 goals in 77 appearances for Argentina, a worse ratio than Crespo, however, he should surpass Crespo’s record soon enough, even though he may be living in the shadow of Lionel Messi in the Argentinian front line. Aguero has also played and proved himself against some of the world’s best national sides, scoring two goals in the 2008 Olympic semi-final in a 3-0 win over Brazil, which sent Argentina to the final where they would later win the gold medal. In this case, I think it is fair to say that overall, while Crespo was certainly a great striker, Aguero is the better player, and some may even say it was an unfair comparison, but as I previously said, I wanted to compare Aguero with a fellow national player who also played in the Premier League, and I believe Hernan Crespo best fit my aims.




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