Satisfactory or Disappointing? – Manchester City Season Review

Satisfactory or Disappointing? – Manchester City Season Review
May 11, 2016

Manchester City

Throughout numerous seasons, City fans have become accustomed to a constant degree of both disappointment and jubilation, and it was no different this year. Having been in four competitions throughout the season, City found themselves lifting one trophy, the notorious Capital One Cup.

Capital One Cup winners, exiting the FA Cup as expected, Champions League football next term and reaching the semi-finals of the Champions League for the very first time. Sounds not bad, doesn’t it?

Despite having what most people determine as the strongest squad in England, City have baffled and bemused this season.

Consistency is often the key to a successful campaign, and once again, City just haven’t found that again. Take the first five league games: five wins, eleven goals scored, zero conceded.

With many people tipping them for the title, especially after witnessing the first few games. After the impressive start, City then went on to lose the next two league games, scoring twice and conceding six.

From then on, we never truly found our groove, particularly in the league. Here and there, we turn up. For example, the away games against Sevilla, the home game against Chelsea. These are games in which we show our true potential. On the other hand, on numerous occasions, we have truly awful performances. Take the home game against Liverpool, in which we lost 4-1. Pellegrini, yes, even Pellegrini, described the game, as a whole, as a “complete and utter disaster”.

Bad Kompany

But why have the 2013/14 champions been so inconsistent? One word can explain a lot: injuries.

In addition, you could add two more words: Vincent Kompany. What does that culminate to? Vincent Kompany’s injuries. The club captain is the glue that binds City’s defence together – and, ultimately, the entire team. It’s obvious that the problems often lie deeper than injuries, but it’s difficult to look past that exact reason being the main cause to City’s ongoing domestic troubles this season. Incidentally, when Kompany plays, we often get better results, which may already be obvious.

It’s not only Kompany who has suffered, however, as we have had an extraordinary amount of injuries throughout the campaign. Not only is it irritating to lose your main man at the back, it’s equally as irritating when your main man up top gets ruled out, too! Despite Kelechi Iheanacho’s remarkable breakthrough season, it’s no secret that Sergio Aguero is still City’s main man up front. Every season, ‘Kun’ suffers from lengthily injuries, and it was no different this campaign. But knowing Sergio, he continued to hit the back of the net when fit, just like Kompany controlled our defence when fit.

The point of the matter is, City have their fair share of problems, and we never do it the easy way at that. It goes from pundits suggesting the timing of the Guardiola announcement was wrong to Vincent Kompany’s dodgy calfs being problems.


If there was one game to sum up our season, it would be the Capital One Cup semi-final against Everton. After losing the first leg 2-1, Everton came to the Etihad and scored first through Ross Barkley. Fernandinho’s deflected shot put City level and soon after, substitute Kevin De Bruyne (the 50M Chelsea flop), made it 2-1. The 24-year-old Belgian then set Aguero up for the crucial third goal – game over.

But such is the up and down nature of 2015/16, man of the moment De Bruyne soon went off with a serious looking knee injury, which would ultimately rule him out for approximately two and a half months.

It’s these moments that sums up Manchester City’s season perfectly – from jubilation to a slice of disappointment.

So, what’s next?

Overall, it was a poor season domestically for City. Despite this, we did make up some ground on our Champions League troubles over the years – reaching the semi-finals for the very first time. A huge attainment for the club, and a step in the right direction.

In contrast, another big club could look at our achievements and would be happy with that – which proves just how quickly we are growing as a club, whether people like it or not.

One thing that stuck in the back of Blues’ fans minds, despite the highs and lows of the season, is the imminent arrival of Pep Guardiola hogging the touch line at the Etihad. I could look in-depth at how special this man could make us, but I think it’s pretty self-explanatory.

It’s exciting times for everyone involved at City; and the future looks very, very bright. Sooner or later, you may be looking up at a Blue moon!

But one thing is for sure, we won’t lose the heart-stopping experience of being a Blue – after all, it’s the madness of Manchester City.

Roll on August! Sound good, Pep?


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