Pep Guardiola Slams English Football: “It’s Always Our Fault”

Pep Guardiola Slams English Football: “It’s Always Our Fault”
Jan 3, 2017

Manchester City News

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has slammed English football following City’s 2-1 win against Burnley at the Etihad on Monday. City had to overcome Burnley with 10-men after Fernandinho was dismissed for a two-footed scissor tackle, leaving the Spaniard in a feisty mood in his post-match interview.

Manchester City’s title hopes were slashed after their loss to Liverpool last week and the pressure on Guardiola’s side has been rising, with fans expressing their frustration at the Etihad yesterday whilst the game was at 0-0. Guardiola was seen attempting to jeer up the fans has he entered the pitch for the second-half, and has made previous remarks about City fans leaving the Etihad early this season. But, despite winning the game, Guardiola has blasted the rules in the Premier League, suggesting they’re different from the other leagues he’s played in.

Speaking in his post-match press conference, Guardiola said:

“It is always our fault”.

“It is our fault. Always City’s fault. I saw other games this season. The fault here [in England] – all around the world, the fault [foul] to Claudio Bravo for the goal for Burnley is their fault.”

“Here and all around the world, the rules say the goalkeeper in the six yard box cannot be touched.

“I didn’t see it [Fernandinho’s challenge]. But I saw the foul for Claudio Bravo, that was definite.

“Now we’re going to accept the three or four game ban. But remember it was a foul [on Bravo]. I have to understand the rules here in England.”

Burnley Boss Sean Dyche weighed in on the debate, insisting in the modern-day game, Fernandinho’s red card was the correct decision:

“Many years ago, when I played, that would probably have been a yellow card,” said Dyche.

“But nowadays they talk about the scissor movement and coming off the ground. It’s not terrible, but it’s a sending-off by modern standards.”

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