Disgraceful Sterling Scores Instead Of Passing To A Team-Mate Whilst Wearing £190 Boots

Disgraceful Sterling Scores Instead Of Passing To A Team-Mate Whilst Wearing £190 Boots
Jan 28, 2017

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Raheem Sterling, best known for shopping in Poundland, despite earning triple figures a week, today was seen scoring against Crystal Palace instead of passing to a team-mate. If that wasn’t enough, the winger was wearing Nike Mercurial Vapor XI’s, which retail at £190, despite thousands of people who will be sleeping without a roof over their head tonight.

The news comes just days after Sterling was seen driving a dirty car on his way to Manchester City’s training ground. If kicking a ball around a field for 90 minutes wasn’t tiring enough for poor old Sterling, can you imagine what a strain it would have been for him to clean his FIFTY-THOUSAND pound Mercedes?

Manchester City took on Crystal Palace this afternoon in an Emirates FA Cup clash in which Pep Guardiola’s side went on to win by a three-goal margin. But, we’d be surprised if the FA doesn’t think about calling on a replay after Raheem Sterling’s act of horror, as the Englishman placed the ball into the back of the net wearing £190 boots.

It’s like the 22-year-old can pick and choose when he has money, and when he doesn’t. One day, he’s beating the working class to the last packet of Jaffa Cakes in Poundland, the next? He’s wearing football boots that children in Africa could only dream of wearing. It’s sickening.

The Metropolitan Police have had to investigate the claims into Sterling’s act of selfishness after thousands of Twitter users publicly ‘tweeted’ their rage at the Manchester City player.

It’s still unknown what kind of punishment Sterling will receive after his antics, but many are hoping it’s a harsh one. Previous crimes such as shopping in Poundland, buying a house so he doesn’t have to sleep in the streets and driving around in a dirty car have surely totaled up and it’s unfair that footballers with money escape punishments that the working class or unemployed job seekers receive.

Note: This article is totally made-up and is a parody, mainly mocking the Daily Star. So please don’t be going to work telling your best mate that Raheem Sterling has been arrested for not passing a football.

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