Interview; We Need To Talk About Kevin

Interview; We Need To Talk About Kevin
Apr 12, 2016

Manchester City

In this special article, I talk to journalist Kristof Terreur. Kristof is a special correspondent in the Premier League for HLN, Belgium’s most influential paper. He revealed in December 2015 that City had showed an interest in signing KDB. Additionally, Kristof used to cover Kevin’s former club, Genk, and has known De Bruyne since he was 16 years old.

I interview Kristof and ask him a few questions based on Manchester City’s predominant maestro, Kevin De Bruyne.


How well has De Bruyne adapted to life in the BPL?

“Kevin has adapted really well to life in the PL, to life outside Manchester too. He always says he feels very good, as do his family. In December he felt a bit tired and in January he didn’t find his best form, until he got injured.”

How well thought of is he in Belgium?

“Kevin De Bruyne is the most popular player in the Flemish part of Belgium. Because he’s Flemish, down to earth and the most decisive player in the national team. He’s our engine. Eden Hazard, from the French part of Belgium, is also popular, but not as highly regarded as De Bruyne. Because he didn’t reach his Chelsea level in the national team.”


How important will he be in Pep’s plan?

“To be honest, I don’t know what Pep’s plans are and Kevin hasn’t spoken to him yet. Kevin likes to play as a number 10, with lots of freedom, on the left wing, but he’s also pretty good as a number 8. He played there some games in the Belgian League 4 years ago. He was excellent.”

Has De Bruyne surpassed David Silva?

“David Silva is an excellent player, but I think Kevin is more made for the football English fans like to see. Direct, hard working. Kevin is also more decisive in and around the box. Less tiki-taka.”

Kevin has played his part in the Champions League campaign this season, will he beessential in City’s bid to start challenging for the UCL?

“Of course he can help them, but I think City need an upgrade in some positions – unless they reach the final already this season. They can do with a new left back, a central defender, a central midfielder, a good right winger, a good back-up striker. I think Guardiola will also ask for those players as City need to do something about their inconsistency. The team can use some spirit – the determination De Bruyne and Aguero bring for instance. Some punch.”

Finally, I wish to say thank you to Kristof for answering these questions, based on De Bruyne.

Do you agree with Kristof’s answers?

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