Kevin De Bruyne: Pep Guardiola’s Talisman

Kevin De Bruyne: Pep Guardiola’s Talisman
Apr 4, 2016

Champions League Manchester City

Kevin De Bruyne. A quality player and an exceptional talent. Since his move to the Etihad, De Bruyne has been hugely impressive, showcasing his attributes straight from the off. De Bruyne has been one of the few positives in a difficult and challenging season for Manchester City, as a whole. After his record move to the Etihad, De Bruyne proved why the club spent an astronomical fee on him with a debut goal in his first start for City against West Ham. Since then, the Belgian has never looked back. He has an impressive goal scoring record, netting 13 times this season. De Bruyne has also showed his creative spark this season, chipping in with a tally of 12 assists for the club this season.

An unusually flat Manchester City Premier League campaign has been glittered with some majestic performances from De Bruyne. Not only has he had some fantastic performances overall, he has produced some massive goals for us, even when he isn’t having the best of games. The winner against Sevilla was one of the defining reasons why we finished top of our Champions League group. Despite keeping an eye out for De Bruyne in a quite simply stunning season for Wolfsburg the season before joining, City fans were pleasantly surprised at how quickly De Bruyne has settled into the team. Not only has he settled into the team efficiently, he looked as if he had never lost form after making his comeback against Bournemouth following his lengthy injury. Although Nasri was out for longer, he looked off the pace, where as De Bruyne looked the part, despite making his comeback after just under two months out. Form is something many City players have been slated for over the years, but De Bruyne’s display demonstrated that he never truly lost his form, despite being on the sidelines. In the space of two months, De Bruyne has had a son, which could have been a satisfying distraction from his training regime. But not De Bruyne, despite having a son, he was hungry and determined to be back as soon as possible – which optimises both his attitude and his class. Looking at him in the City team, he looks like he has been here for years. De Bruyne, on the whole, has proved to not only City fans, but his doubters, why City payed a record fee of £58 million for his services.

Ultimately, with De Bruyne making his long awaited comeback from injury, he will be one of the reasons why some City fans are confident for the remainder of the season, as we hope to nail down a top four place, and continue competing for the Champions League.


Kevin De Bruyne: Our New Number 10?

Despite being a massive fans favourite, I cannot help but think this is time for us to move on from David Silva. An amazing servant to the club, he has been a brilliant player for years but, these past two seasons, he hasn’t been at his best whatsoever. For City, Silva has operated in the number 10 role, just behind Agüero, for years. Like I’ve mentioned with Zabaleta, we are hanging on to someone who has lost his way. There is no denying that Silva is a fantastic player, but when De Bruyne was introduced to the number 10 position, he has been simply wonderful. De Bruyne looks like the player Silva was when he first arrived at the Etihad. Don’t get me wrong, I still love Silva as a player, but De Bruyne represents the long term future of the club – it’s time to move on.

With Pep’s arrival, a squad overhaul is long overdue. The spine of the team that Mancini had when in charge is still virtually the same as we have nowadays, which means we have an ageing squad in need of refreshing. It is simply illogical to keep the same spine of the team for five years in a row. Ultimately, players are ageing and having less of an impact as they did at their peak. For me, De Bruyne impacts games, something that Silva has failed to do for about a year now. The average age of our squad is 28 years old, the second oldest in the Premier League. With Pep, if he thinks a player isn’t good enough, he won’t be involved. With a squad overhaul potentially on the way, there will be casualties. And for me, Silva is not good enough. Despite being versatile, De Bruyne has said himself that his favoured position is just behind the striker. Not only is it his favourite position, he has proved that he should remain there in place of Silva. 13 goals and 12 assists in 32 appearances is a wonderful debut season for the Belgian, and with Pep, he can only get better. Although it will be unpopular with the fans, the realisation is that Kevin De Bruyne is our new maestro, whether Silva plays on the right or left, De Bruyne has to play central.


Kevin De Bruyne: World Beater?

Despite reports linking City with big names, many people may forget we already have an absolute gem in De Bruyne. Pep is obviously a huge fan of De Bruyne, while showing interest in signing him while at Bayern. Still only 24 years old, Pep is likely to build a team around De Bruyne. And what happens when one of the best managers in the world and a world class player commence? Improvement. Even when you may not think there is much you can improve on in such a well established player, such as De Bruyne. Pep could potentially turn De Bruyne into a world beater and someone who contributes even more to the team than he already has done this season. With Pep and De Bruyne, you create fire. And potentially, a world beater.

Subsequent to his comeback, his performances are even more poignant to City now. With questions being raised about City potentially finishing outside of the top four. With every game coming with added significance, City fans will be hoping De Bruyne can muster up some more fantastic performances. De Bruyne, with many more years to come, will thrive under Pep Guardiola’s management. For many City fans, me included, the thought of De Bruyne getting even better is very, very exciting. Kevin De Bruyne: Pep Guardiola’s talisman.

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