Who Should Start Up Top Next Season – Origi or Sturridge?

Who Should Start Up Top Next Season – Origi or Sturridge?
Aug 5, 2016


Assuming Klopp plays one up top next season, there has been a debate between the Liverpool fans debating whether Origi will start up top or Sturridge. It’s a promising partnership that can bring wins with ease. But who will start? This article explains the positives to ether Sturridge starting up top or Origi starting up top.

Last season between March to May, Klopp favoured Origi to Sturridge mainly to what Origi brings to the team, this doesn’t mean Sturridge doesn’t bring nothing special to the team but Klopp loves a player that can press from the front but can provide as a perfect player that can hold up the ball. Sturridge prefers to sift out wide or to run in behind.


Origi stretches the game and it takes some work for him to be stopped. Its been said that Origi has gone up a shirt size due to him bulking up while he was on the bench and when he was injured for a 3 week spell.

With Klopp sticking with Origi in an 4-2-3-1 formation. Origi has been more intelligent with his accurate runs and his decision making has improved massively, he no longer passes it straight away as soon as he gets it, he grabs the ball and takes some responsibility and pushes forward to help the team. He thrives under pressure and the examples of this is Dortmund away and home.


Big games to go away to a stadium of a capacity of 80,000 and pull of a masterclass and do what a perfect hold up striker should do, he was no stop pressing from the referees whistle and showed the world his ability and talent that night. Dortmund at home was a nervy game with Liverpool trailing by two goals. It was nervy going into the game because it was are only shot to challenge and have an place in Europe. He excited the fans with his runs and he couldn’t be stopped. It was hard for the Dortmund defenders to mark him while he was on the run because or his superb decision making in the final third. He was a changed player under Klopp compared to playing under Rodgers where he was favoured, Gets himself a goal and the crowd is lifted and from that moment were on top.

From getting injured back in April against Everton, the Belguim international has made a speedy recovery and has taken advantage of Sturridge not being into full fitness yet by scoring a superb goal against AC Millan, and scoring another but being wrongly disallowed due to a lack of concentration  from the linesman.


Origi now looks set and ready to go and is looking forward to challenging Daniel Sturridge to that spot up top.


Our two best strikers and Origi and Sturridge and there’s no doubt it that. Although some fans will argue that Origi as the better striker for us, I believe that Sturridge as a ability that only Sergio Aguero has better than him in the league, forget him being injured, Daniel Sturridge has world class ability and he’s shown that on an numerous occasions for Liverpool football club.

Sturridge being full fit equals twenty five plus goal in my opinion. He offers a wide range of attributes of pace, skill, power etc. You could argue that a fully fit Sturridge could guarantee top 4. The same doesn’t apply for Origi but I’m sure it will do if he keeps improving.


Liverpool fans get on Sturridge’s back too much and it frustrates me due to the fact that they can’t see that he’s are most consistent player and best player in the team we have. In 55 appearances Sturridge has scored 43 goals which is a goal every two games. If you make it our decision who’s a better striker between Origi and Sturridge, based on pure ability, Sturridge 100% your striker.


A Partnership Forming? 

Who says you can’t play two up top? There’s many formations with two up top and we did try out an Origi-Sturridge partnership last season and it work a treat. The defenders are going to be mainly focusing on Sturridge, this makes room for Origi to roam and it creates space for Origi to get a one on one were he’s best at. Because Sturridge has his backed to goal most of the time, this give space in behind for Divock to run into.

I would be so tempted to play two up top. Sturridge-Origi partnership would be excellent. Both complement each other perfectly. Bring so much drive and pace going forward, Origi has the willingness to run and Sturridge has the quality that only Aguero has better than him.

In my opinion, we should build are team and future around that duo. This partnership will excel under the Klopp style.

By Jack Frankham

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