The Future Looks Bright For Liverpool Football Club

The Future Looks Bright For Liverpool Football Club
Aug 22, 2016


The future Is Looking Bright for Liverpool Football Club

9 months ago, Liverpool football club appointed an world class manger named Jürgen Klopp. Since then there has been an uplift in confidence and belief. Everything about the club seems to be on the up.

Jürgen Klopp once said, “Let’s turn doubter, into believer”. These wise words have changed the way of what the Liverpool fans think about the players and the club. We are on the up.

The Academy:

The youth at Liverpool football club has always been thrilling. Every year, a new graduate comes from the youth to play for the first team or the reserves. If the move to the top level doesn’t work out, they move and have a successful spell away. The likes of Liverpool legends including Jamie Carragher and Steven Gerrard, have came through the academy and have become the spotlight of the world for the scouse land. The academy graduates get a certain education that adapts to what Jürgen Klopp would want in his players, in the future.

There’s always up and coming youth that have made it onto the first team, if not they have had an educational experience at Liverpool’s academy, the likes of Jordan Ibe and Raheem Sterling came from London at a young age and were given the chance to play at the top level, it’s likely that they wouldn’t of been given the chance at a rival club.

Jürgen Klopp believes in the academy and whist he’s been at the club, he’s given Connor Randall, Ejaria, Ryan Kent, Sheyi Ojo and co, major chances in many games. They will benefit from these so much from the future and it’s a major experience. Sheyi Ojo has immense talent and Klopp sees him as a top player to challenge for a first team spot.


Due to the distraction of European league football last season, it was hard to concentrate on both competitions. Both ended in a huge disappointment with Liverpool not taking a spot in Europe next season.

The squad needed trimming down due to only three competitions to participate in however additions needed to be made in certain areas. We all know Klopp was keen on signing Mario Götze who played under Klopp at Dortmund however Götze took too long to make a decision on what his future was and Klopp choose to look elsewhere. Klopp doesn’t want his football club to be an ‘second choice club’.


I would rather an player who is willing to apply his trade with the club than someone who is using the club for some other club, doesn’t matter what the ability of ether. I want players who want to play for the badge. Klopp see’s Liverpool as a ‘dream location’ rather than a ‘second choice.

Leroy Sané was looked at for many months but due to Manchester City’s financial backing, they made the signing. Sadio Mané eventually signed an he’s proved to be a great signing so far. An injury scare early on was worrying for the fans but it proved to be minor. His goals against Arsenal and Barcelona proved his fee because of this if i had to choose ether Mané or Götze now, Mané all the way.

He suits the style of which Klopp will what to play and he has the explosive pace that Liverpool have lacked since the sale of Raheem Sterling to Manchester City.

The signing of Sadio Mané shows Jürgen will spend big money when the transfer is perfect. Sadio was the best winger available to us and we acted fast when we saw that he was worth the money. I believe this is why we haven’t bought a left back yet. Klopp clearly doesn’t think the right player is available and hence why he won’t spend the funs that are given to him at the moment. This shows he in it for the long run and won’t settle for panic buys like Benteke.

Smart buys in Jöel Matip on the free who is a experienced and very young at 24 years old. Loris Karius in goal was a great move with Mignolet performing unconvincing during last season. During pre-season training, Karius picked up an broken hand which we have him sidelined for at least one month.

During the pre-season brake, he made some game changing saves, Yes it’s against lower opposition sides but he still proved why Klopp was keen on signing him. The more the smart buys Liverpool make, the more times Liverpool can take a risk with the money we make and have.

The Fans:

Anfield is to be known as one of the most popular stadiums that football has ever known. The European nights at Anfield will forever been known as the best and every club will want to visit Anfield.

To the end of former manger, Brendan Rodgers’ three year spell as Liverpool manager. The popular demand by the fans of Liverpool, of attractive attacking football couldn’t be completed. Points that needed to be gained didn’t happen against smaller opposition teams. He lost the fans due to this.

Since Jürgen Klopp came in, his first words in his interview as Liverpool manager was “Let’s change doubter, to believer” these words inspire the Liverpool team and fans certainly since that Klopp has brant a new brand of attacking football. He’s gained the fans trust and the crowds at the games have risen by two times than what Rodgers had whilst as Liverpool manager.


The fans have been the twelfth man in all the games that the players needed them. The Dortmund at home was a prime example of pure passion by fans and players to win the game. The character the team showed on that night showed that this team that Rodgers has made can achieve great things under the right management. Jürgen Klopp has changed the likes of Dejan Lovren, Divock Origi and Roberto Firmino’s overall abilities during games.

Rodgers made excuses such as “Give me the tools and I’ll do the work”. Klopp recently said “I have the team what I want, there’s no excuses” this is fantastic to here; it gives me great confidence going into the season. There’s excuses, he’s not got to deliver to an imminent effect but to succeed the Liverpool fans and board’s expectations going into the season.

Long-Term Stability:

Klopp has branded a new way of investing into an new style at Liverpool which suits what the owners, FSG want. He’s been given funds but hasn’t splashed it out but spent it wisely. He still needs to be actively finding a centre midfielder and a left back Klopp believes in his training methods to improve players.

He searches for players who will hit the ground running and players that will gradually improve and turn out to be a player the that Liverpool expect in the future.

By Jack Frankham

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