Roberto Firmino: “I Have Already Changed My Way Of Playing”

Roberto Firmino: “I Have Already Changed My Way Of Playing”
Jan 5, 2017

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Liverpool’s star man Roberto Firmino has claimed that he is loving the experience of playing for Liverpool in a recent interview with The Liverpool Echo.

The Brazilian forward has been a standout contributor to Liverpool’s great form this season, and stated that he intends to stay with the Merseysiders for a long time.

Talking to the Echo, Firmino discussed how he had to switch up his game after moving from  the Bundesliga to the fast-paced Premier League.

“I think I have already changed my way of playing. First of all because I was adapted to the European style of football due to playing in Germany with Hoffenheim for three years.

“But then I had to make another adjustment because English football and the Premier League is much, much faster. You really do notice that the pace is very high here but it is a type of football that I enjoy.”

He also discussed Liverpool’s fine form and offered an explanation as to why the Reds are performing so well.

“I am giving my best to the team like all the other players and everyone is happy with the work they are doing. That’s reflected in the football we are producing and the fact that everyone is enjoying themselves. I love playing here and hopefully it is something I can continue to do for many years.”

The Brazilian international has been one of the shining lights in an already talented Liverpool team. He continued to talk about his footballing background, and to whom he owes his success.

“I would say that I owe most to my cousin and my uncle and I have to thank them in particular. They were the ones who started taking me to football matches when I very young.

“When I was about six I started sleeping with a football and I began playing for the smaller teams when I was seven. My persistence and my willingness to become someone in life also drove me on because I am the kind of person who persists a lot with what I want to achieve.”

Firmino’s fine form has fired the Reds into 2nd place in the Premier League. Liverpool will be hoping Firmino’s excellent form can fire them to success, with their next league fixture being a difficult trip to Old Trafford to face rivals Manchester United.

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