Reviewing Liverpool’s Attacking Options.

Reviewing Liverpool’s Attacking Options.
Jul 21, 2016


With the likes of Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea using proper money to sign really good players, Liverpool Footbal club are taking a different approach along with Spurs. United signing Ibra and Mkhitaryan has caused a lot of fume from Liverpool fans, but why?

Liverpool fans are really optimistic when the summer transfer window comes along, always ready for the new season and what the manger can bring, still waiting for that Premier League Title after nearly 28 years is bringing a lot of frustration but I’m totally not surprised with the statute of the club and how much of big club club we are.

United with Mourhino and City with Guardiola with bring will bring a lot of stress due to how big they are. No need to worry, over the years Klopp has a strategy and system to deal with players. He has made many smart moves so far. Klopp likes to be unique with how we do our business in general.

With the editions of Mané and possible Wijnaldum, (Which is looking very likely due to a fee being agreed) our attacking options look frighting. We have a balance of Pace, Skill, Power and Technique. You can’t forget the young ladslike Ojo, Kent and Brannagan who are at the u21s World Cup at the moment ether.

How will these players fit into a team?

Klopp’s primary target was Mané after all so it looks like an front 4 of Origi/Sturridge, Coutinho, Firmino and Mané looks nailed on for the start of the season. But the depth and width we have with only 3 competions to deal which is very good. This means we will be ready for any unexpected situation that happens with the players.

Sadio Mané is a player Klopp thinks highly of and he was desperate for Sadio to join him here at LFC. He’s been an huge fan of him since his days in Austria where he looked to sign him at Dortmund. 3 games have gone and Mané looks really good on and off the ball. He looks accustomed to Klopp’s 4-3-3 or the 4-2-3-1 formatiom with his lighting speed, it’s really good to see that a player as a lot of something that we didn’t have a year ago, Great buy.

People might say that Mané is overpriced at £30 million but here’s a stat for you, Mané has more goals and more assists than Eden Hazard in the 3 last seasons. Klopp will improve him massively also.

I would like to see Coutinho and Firmino step up even more and become the best players in the league, they have the ability to, it’s just the inconsistency that’s key for them to improve. They both have a great linkup with each other and s good understanding. They both are top players and argue he best players in the league with an few others.

A part of last season, Origi started most of the important games including Dortmund away and at home and Everton at home. These game we all won due to Origis quality, at his age it’s not often you see a player thrive under pressure. He certainly fits the Klopp’s style of him pressing and playing quick football. It will be a 50/50 with who starts next season with Daniel Sturridge. Sturridge’s talent and ability is second to none on the big stage. He’s consistently shown why he should be Liverpool’s main many for a few years now. He gives everything and he has a great personality to help newcomers settle into the club. It’s reported that Sturridge has massive future ahead, with major outlets squashing the false rumours with ‘Klopp doesn’t like Sturridge and Sturridge is unsettled’. This is clear that it’s false. Sturridge has said on many occasions that’s he’s settled and happy.

Danny Ings has just come back from a injury in his leg, it’s ligament damage and this has been a major blow to Liverpool back in October. Now he’s back, he seemed to be third in Liverpool’s strikers options behind Divock Origi and Daniel Sturridge. He’s got Klopp’s style written all over him with Ings’s main asset being work rate and putting and shift in. He works incredibly hard for the team and Liverpool fans appreciate this hugely. I think Ings has a massively role to play a part in next season and will be a great tool for Klopp to work with.

Who will start next season!

I think that Firmino and Coutinho are nailed on starters for the start of the season, Klopp wouldn’t buy a £30 million pound player and put him on the bench so it looks likely that Mané will play.

Wijnaldum looks to come in and will bring a lot to the squad, a very versatile player, he can play any position going forward. In his days in the Netherlands, he took it by storm and became Dutch player of the year twice when Robben, Van Der Vaart and RVP were all at their peak. He’s also 25 years old so he has many many years left in him. I don’t know where Klopp will play him but I’m guessing in he centre of midfield with Emre Can/Grujc/Henderson or Milner. Wijnaldum is strong in the dribble, attack-minded, intelligent runs, good transition and good speed of feet.

Sturridge will start due to how fit he is, if not then Origi gets his chance in my opinion. Maybe they can start two up top. It’s not like Klopp hasn’t done that before and it worked. Whatever happens, we have two quality strikers and we have to keep them fit.

The likes of Lallana, Ojo, Kent and Markovic are also good options who can bring something different to the team.

By Jack Frankham @LFCJack__

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