Liverpool Skipper Leaves Club

Liverpool Skipper Leaves Club
May 10, 2016


Stunning news broke at Liverpool FC yesterday, a captain from the current season, has had his contract cancelled and has been allowed to leave the club early. A captain, one of the leadership group, an experienced professional leaving. , Massive breaking news, a big deal, or is it?

The player in question is Jose Enrique, a player who when in 2011, Liverpool were on the lookout for a left back, was a player who really looked the part playing for Newcastle United, and prior to that in La Liga for Villareal.  Enrique, looked strong on the ball, decent distribution and had a turn of pace. Liverpool clearly were impressed as well, and paid £5 million to acquire his services.

In his first season at The Reds he made 43 appearances in all competitions, even though there had been a few defensive lapses, it looked like Liverpool had found a dependable left back for many years to come.

Second season, Enrique made 35 appearances in all competitions for the club, again, a seventh season minus few errors. The wheels started to come off after that, and appearances became sparse, his defending and positional sense became more and more erratic and his best performances that season and next is when Enrique was employed in a more advanced role further forward, allowing him just to concentrate on galloping forward creating goalscoring opportunities and scoring one or two goals.

When Alberto Moreno joined Liverpool the writing really was on the wall for Enrique as far as being a first team player, that is when Jose Enrique, social media sensation reared its ugly head. A footballer who spent all his spare time (which he had a lot of), on Instagram and Twitter, with various pictures of him on holidays with his missus, pictures of him on gaming machines and my favourite, picture of him having his teeth whitened. Amazing what a reported £72,000 a week can do for you when your time is pretty much your own.

Enrique did quit social media for a while in Spetember 2015 to concentrate on his football career after a negative reaction from Liverpool fans, but after a few months we were back to his sites putting up various social pictures. It all became a bit farcical and sad to see. The footballer who a few years ago looked like he had a prosperous career ahead of him, resorting to being a social media wannabe and playing a handful of matches for Liverpool under 21 side.

This season Enrique has made only 2 first team appearances, one of those as captain against Exeter City when he played at centre back, when Liverpool played a young and inexperienced side mixed in with a few squad players. Enrique’s contract was up this summer, but the club have made the decision to release him early to give him plenty of opportunity this summer to secure a move to another club.

From my perspective, I wish Jose Enrique the best of luck in his future football career, I hope he knuckles down and concentrates on his football and not other activities. He is only 30 years of age, and has plenty of football left in those legs, he is a talented footballer, and I just hope he does not waste this talent. I hope in 20 years time he is not sat having his teeth whitened yet again, reminiscing back over his football career and wishing he had done more.

Best wishes Jose



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