Why Jürgen Klopp Is A Huge Hypocrite After His Post-Match Comments On Manchester United’s Use Of The ‘Long Ball’

Why Jürgen Klopp Is A Huge Hypocrite After His Post-Match Comments On Manchester United’s Use Of The ‘Long Ball’
Jan 17, 2017

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Reflecting on the 1-1 draw between Manchester United and Liverpool leaves one to come to several conclusions about the game but perhaps the most accurate conclusion can be made on the reaction of Jürgen Klopp. After the game, the Liverpool manager seemed rather high and mighty and delivered scathing criticism aimed at Manchester United’s second half approach. It was a strange reaction and it left one to wonder why the Liverpool manager was so bothered about the style of play of his opponents and why he had to look down his nose at his opponent’s style of play.

Klopp’s main problem appeared to be Manchester United’s use of the long pass in the second half. The first half approach for Manchester United simply was not working with Mourinho’s team falling into the trap of the Liverpool high press so something had to change. José Mourinho clearly saw that the best way to overcome to the high press would be to mess around less with the ball and get it forward quicker. It worked to great effect and in fact, it led Liverpool to practically park the bus for the entirety of the second half. In fact, it was a surprise that Mourinho didn’t choose this approach from the start of the game.

Manchester United’s change of approach allowed them to cause Liverpool far more problems and get an equaliser and nearly win the game. Perhaps Klopp was so rattled because his team nearly threw the game away and couldn’t handle the physicality of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Marouane Fellaini.

The way in which Jürgen Klopp spoke after the game was very much that of a petulant child and embodied a man who was very annoyed that he had been outthought by his opposing manager. However, even during the game, his conduct was not very gamely with the Liverpool manager losing it with José Mourinho and reacting towards the 4th official in a manner that arguably should have resulted in the Liverpool manager’s dismissal from the touchline. Klopp’s behaviour certainly riled Manchester United assistant manager Rui Faria too with the Portuguese sprinting over to confront Klopp.

The constant use of the word ‘long ball’ after the game from Klopp became extremely tiresome to the point where you wondered if it was the only word he knows. His comments appeared to suggest that United stopped playing football but of course there are many styles of football and in fact, Josè Mourinho should be praised for changing his tactics because Jurgen Klopp would certainly receive praise from the legions of Liverpool pundits around.

What makes Klopp’s comments after the game the ultimate hypocrisy is the fact that his team has played 1,417 long passes this season compared to Manchester United’s 1,346. Klopp’s extreme overuse of the word ‘long ball’ when talking about United should, in fact, be used to describe his own team’s tactics this season. Remember when Stoke were the most direct team in the league? Well, these days Liverpool play more long passes than Stoke, strange, isn’t it. Perhaps next time before looking down his nose at his opponent Jürgen Klopp will look at the stats and facts before he does so because in this instance he has made himself look a bit silly with his comments and the manner of the way he said them.


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