El Hadji Diouf SLAMS Steven Gerrard And Reveals Gerrard Was ‘Scared To Look Him In The Eyes’

El Hadji Diouf SLAMS Steven Gerrard And Reveals Gerrard Was ‘Scared To Look Him In The Eyes’
Nov 25, 2016

Liverpool News

El Hadji Diouf has publicly criticised Steven Gerrard after the Englishman confirmed his retirement on Thursday after a final stint in the MLS with LA Galaxy.

Diouf spent two seasons at Anfield but has admitted that himself and the ex-Liverpool captain didn’t see eye to eye, even going as far as suggesting Gerrard grew ‘scared’ of him and couldn’t look the Senegalese striker in the eyes.

Speaking to SFR Sport, Diouf revealed:

“When I arrived, I showed him that he was nothing” 

“I asked him, ‘What great competition have you played and where do people remember you?’ It wasn’t [Zinedine] Zidane.

“The player, I respect him. He’s a great player. But the man and the person not. I let him know. 

“For me, he was a player like everyone else. He had to keep up well, and play as he knew how to do, but don’t go to the coach to report what happens in the dressing room.”

“People told me at Liverpool, there was some guys you could not touch, but I touched them. That is why it was complicated for me,” Diouf said.

Diouf says Gerrard became scared of him, adding: “He knows that I don’t mince words. 

“He did not look in my eyes because he was afraid. And he was afraid to speak to me.

“And when I arrived at Liverpool, it was he who asked me for my jersey, not the opposite.”

Emmanuel Petit, who was sitting alongside Diouf, responded saying: “I cannot let you say that about Steven Gerrard. He was an immense player.”

Former Liverpool team-mate John Arne Riise has also leaped to Gerrard’s defence, laughing off Diouf’s criticism of Gerrard on Twitter, suggesting the striker wouldn’t enter a 50/50 tackle with Gerrard.



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