Neymar Reveals The Motive Behind His Move To Paris Saint-Germain

Neymar Reveals The Motive Behind His Move To Paris Saint-Germain
Aug 3, 2017

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It’s official. The world record transfer fee, set by Paul Pogba, has been smashed and set at €220m euros after Paris Saint-Germain matched Neymar’s release clause despite La Liga’s attempts to halt the move. With PSG officially announcing the move, all eyes will now be on the Brazilian as he aims to create his own legacy in Paris after stepping out of Lionel Messi’s in Barcelona.

In an official statement via Paris Saint-Germain’s official website, Neymar revealed the factors which attracted him to switch Spain for France. Despite many believing the pay-rise offered to him and his father turned his head, the 25-year-old insists the clubs ambition played a key role in his decision.

“I am extremely happy to join Paris Saint-Germain, he said. Since I arrived in Europe, the club has always been one of the most competitive and most ambitious. And the biggest challenge, what most motivated me to join my new teammates is to help the club to conquer the titles that their fans want. Paris Saint-Germain’s ambition attracted me to the club, along with the passion and the energy this brings.”

“I played 4 seasons in Europe and I feel ready to take the challenge. From today, I will do everything I can to help my new teammates, to open up new horizons for my club and to bring happiness to its millions of supporters around the world.”

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