Edinson Cavani Rejects €1M To Let Neymar Take Penalties

Edinson Cavani Rejects €1M To Let Neymar Take Penalties
Sep 25, 2017

Ligue 1 News Paris Saint-Germain

One month at Paris Saint-Germain has brought a lot of attention to the French capital. Paris is now home to the world’s most expensive footballer and Ligue 1 now has enough superstar power to compete in Europe. 4 goals and 4 assists in five Ligue 1 appearances put the Brazilian in the spotlight for the right reasons.

PSG president Nasser Al-Khelaifi brought Neymar into the club with the promise that it would be HIS team.

The Brazilian is now in the media reports for the wrong reasons after he and Cavani were caught arguing over penalty-taking duties over the past few weeks. This incident blew up just last week as Dani Alves took the ball from Cavani and handed it to Neymar to take a free kick. After the match, there were further reports that the teammates went head-to-head over the on-field issue.

Cavani told the Brazilian that he did not appreciate his attitude on the pitch. According to L’équipe, club captain Thiago Silva had to step in and end the altercation. PSG boss Unai Emery told the pair to sort out their issues before the next game, and PSG president Nasser Al-Khelaifi told the press that the situation had been amicably resolved.

A report from Spanish news outlet El País, Cavani refused a €1 million offer to hand over penalty-taking duties to Neymar. The report claims that the PSG president offered Edinson Cavani a million Euros to let Neymar take the team’s penalties in a bid to resolve the crisis. Cavani’s current contract includes a clause where Cavani is set to receive one million euros if he finishes as top scorer in Ligue 1.

Al-Khelaifi offered to pay Cavani the full amount in the clause if he gave Neymar the team’s penalty taker duties. It is also revealed that Cavani refused the offer point blank. The squad sees him as one of the leaders in the dressing room and it would not be right to take the offer.

Cavani reportedly told Al-Khelaifi that if the club wants to pay him more, he would not oppose, but only on the basis that he would continue taking penalties.  The Uruguayan told his president that he has been working for PSG for four years and he has earned the right to take penalties as well as the honour of being the club’s 3rd vice-captain. Sources within the club suggest that the dressing room largely supports Cavani as Neymar’s signing unsettled most of the squad as many of them were put up for sale.

According to sources close to PSG, Al-Khelaifi sent emissaries to Neymar to convince him to forget about penalties. They also told the Brazilian that he was a total player and suggested that as the star of the team should act with generosity and give Cavani the penalty kicks as the Uruguayan is a natural goalscorer.

Neymar failed to understand the logic behind it and is still unhappy; he wants to take penalties for himself. It was also suggested that Neymar’s omission from the PSG squad this weekend was due to the previous altercation with Cavani, and not the alleged foot injury as the Brazilian was spotted on holiday in London.

The newspaper also reports that Neymar has been secluded in the dressing room since his arrival; Lucas Moura and Marquinhos distanced themselves from their compatriot as they felt that the ex-Barcelona forward had too much power in the club. Dani Alves, Neymar’s personal friend is the only one who firmly supports the forward in the team. The report also revealed that Alves held a ‘reconciliation’ dinner for the squad after the penalty incident, but the atmosphere in the room was described as a ‘funeral’.

With Nasser Al-Khelaifi now sweating over Cavani’s refusal of the €1 million payment, Neymar refusing to back down and the dressing room in total disarray, the club has to find a way of resolving the issue without causing further rifts among the team. Paris Saint-Germain face Bayern Munich in the Champions League group stage on Wednesday. The situation at the club will be very interesting over the next few days.


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